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The name or term Breakdown refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Breakdown (disambiguation).

Breakdown has an acute case of paranoia. (What was that?) He genuinely believes that things, both living and inanimate, are watching him. Breakdown doesn't like to stand out in a crowd. (They're all watching ME!) He dreads being different and garnering attention. At times, he almost wishes he was a human so he could just disappear and no one would notice. Needless to say, he and Red Alert (He's one of THEM!) would be energon drinking buddies.

Breakdown can combine with his fellow Stunticons to form Menasor. (I'm one of the legs? Good, so I can help us all get the fanbelt out of here!)

"They're gawking at us, how mortifrying"
―Breakdown in "Masquerade"

French name (Canada): Panicon
Hungarian name: Vibrátor (aheh)
Italian name: Caimano ("Cayman")
Serbian name: Brejkdaun
Portuguese name (Portugal cartoon): Avaria



Marvel Comics continuity

Generation One

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Breakdown was first seen in a vision Optimus Prime and Buster Witwicky received from the Creation Matrix, attacking a stricken power plant with the other Stunticons and forming Menasor to battle the Protectobots. The vision was monitored by Shockwave, who ordered construction to begin on Breakdown and the other second generation Decepticons. Second Generation

Breakdown was given life by Megatron using a power tap from the Creation Matrix. He and the other Stunticons were sent out in search of Skids to try and ruin the publicity he'd generated by saving a woman from a power cable. When RAAT arrived on the scene, Breakdown fired his concussion cannon on them. The Stunticons then pretended to protect Skids from the Aerialbots to convince the humans they were on the same side before forming Menasor to battle them. Heavy Traffic Breakdown was later among the Decepticons who relocated to the new base in Florida Keys. Gone But Not Forgotten

Much later, under Ratbat's command, Breakdown took part in the massed assault on Grimlock and Fortress Maximus' combined Autobot armies on the Moon. Totalled He was later seen at the Decepticons' island base as they attempted to locate the records that would lead them to the Underbase. Club Con Breakdown disappeared soon after so was probably among those killed by the Underbase-powered Starscream.

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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Note: These stories do not fit into the normal Marvel continuity. See Earthforce for details.

Breakdown was briefly seen at the Enclave, rubbing shoulders with the various troops from Megatron and Shockwave's factions. The Bad Guy's Ball! Later, after the factions merged, he drove into battle alongside the Stunticons and Battlechargers when Soundwave led an attack on Autobot Earthbase. Although the Autobot defense systems were down at the time, Breakdown and his comrades were still ultimately driven off. Divide and Conquer! On another occasion, Starscream and Soundwave learned the Autobots had a human reporter writing a positive story about them. Fearing that good publicity among the humans would give Earthforce an edge, they sent the Stunticons to kidnap the human. As Motormaster made off with the reporter, Breakdown and the Stunticons ran interference against the Autobot cars following him. After Jazz transformed and got off a quick shot at their leader, Breakdown rear-ended him in the legs. The Autobot was knocked out of the fight, but so was Breakdown as he had caved in his own hood in the effort. End of the Road!

Note: It is unclear which faction Breakdown was on before Soundwave and Starscream led their coup for Decepticon leadership.
Marvel UK future timelines

Breakdown and the Stunticons attacked Kup on the road in 2003, making an attempt to steal the plans for the upcoming Autobot City. They were successful, but the plans were a set of fakes, so they ultimately didn't gain anything. A traffic light tried to tell Breakdown as much, but he refused to listen to it. Ark Duty

In 2008, Scourge, Cyclonus and Death's Head were compelled by Unicron to make an assassination attempt on the Decepticon leader, Shockwave. They sealed the door to the audience chamber during the attack, and so Soundwave summoned the Stunticons as Menasor to break through the door. They eventually did so, and Breakdown and Dead End were about to execute the Decepticon traitors when Death's Head returned with news of Shockwave's demise. Using a series of explosives built into his hover platform as an incentive, the bounty hunter forced Soundwave and the other Decepticons to submit to their leadership. The Legacy of Unicron!

Generation 2

Breakdown was among the Decepticons rallied for war against the Cybertronian Empire after Skullgrin's death. New Dawn

Cartoon continuity

I'm Breakdown... er, I guess I'm in your service.

Voice actor: Jack Angel (First appearance only); Alan Oppenheimer (US), Keiichi Nanba (Japan)

Breakdown was given life by Vector Sigma along with the rest of the Stunticons. He agreed to obey Megatron, but there was a certain reluctance in his voice. He probably thought Megatron was out to get him, or something. The Key to Vector Sigma, Part 1, The Key to Vector Sigma, Part 2, Trans-Europe Express, Starscream's Brigade

While assembling a new weapon capable of destroying any target by creating a chain reaction in its molecules (its going to be used on me!!), Megatron found himself short a few key components to finish the device (I didn't steal them!). He sent the Stunticons out to retrieve those components by any means necessary. Breakdown and Wildrider assaulted a local optics laboratory to gather new focusing lenses for the cannon's beam (I didn't break it!!). On their way to the weapon's construction site, they were intercepted by a troop of Autobots (They're after me!!). It was Grapple who brought down Breakdown, setting him on fire with his arc-welder rifle by using a trail of fuel as a fuse (I knew it!!). The Stunticons were imprisoned in the Ark, their radioes and vehicle modes disabled and trapped behind energized bars. The Autobots then used camouflage paint to alter their appearances and mimic the Stunticons, hoping to get close enough to Megatron to catch him unawares. Autobot warrior Sideswipe assumed Breakdown's appearance for the mission (They've replaced me?! I knew they hated me!!). After they left, however, Breakdown managed to use his unique vibratory pulses to disrupt his bars and break free. He caught his Autobot captors by surprise and blasted several of them before they could react, giving him enough time to free his fellow Stunticons and form Menasor. After a brief but memorable conflict, Menasor escaped the Ark and returned to Megatron. The cannon was rendered unusable by the Autobots' intervention, though, and Megatron's plan failed (Will he blame me?!). Masquerade, Five Faces of Darkness, Part 1, Five Faces of Darkness, Part 2, Five Faces of Darkness, Part 3, Five Faces of Darkness, Part 5, Webworld, The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 1, The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 2

The Headmasters cartoon

Four Warriors Come out of the Sky, The Mystery of Planet Master, Cybertron Is in Grave Danger, Part 1, Head On!! Fortress Maximus, The Emperor of Destruction Vanishes on an Iceberg

Dreamwave comics continuity

At some point in Cybertron's recent history, the Stunticons were deemed psychotic and too dangerous to function in society, and as a result were placed into perpetual stasis lock inside of a prison facility. Later, in an attempt to create a diversion while he set his final plans in motion, Shockwave arranged for the release of the Stunticons. They formed into Menasor and ran amuck for a while, until Ultra Magnus arrived and began insulting them. Unable to reconcile with this, the five Stunticons began to bicker with each other over whose fault it was that they were failing, temporarily stopping Menasor and allowing Ultra Magnus to ram the combiner in the chest, forcing him to separate into his component parts and disabling the Stunticons. Passive Aggression

Devil's Due continuity

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IDW Comics continuity

The Ongoing Mission

Breakdown attacks a power installation in Milan, New Mexico, desperately low on fuel. The reformed Skywatch dispatch 3 Crash Suits and subdue him with an Immobiliser in less that 20 seconds. They then appear to deploy particle cannons to kill him, however this would merely prove to be a ruse by Spike Witwicky to draw out an undercover Prowl and capture him, which would later result in the death of Ironhide, and the resignation from command of the Autobots by Optimus Prime and surrender to Skywatch of Optimus Prime. Breakdown then seen being driven back to Skywatch Headquarters by Spike Witwicky who comments on what a "sweet ride" he is.


Generation One

  • Breakdown (Stunticon, 1986/1987)
    • Team ID number: S2
    • Japanese ID number: D-51
    • Accessories: Pistol, double-barreled cannon

Wahoo reaction, now a gucci cola sale.

The original Breakdown toy transforms into a white Lamborghini Countach. He comes with a blue double-barreled laser cannon that attaches to the back of his vehicle mode.
In humanoid mode, Breakdown's legs transform in a manner similar to Dead End's, flipping and inverting. He is armed with a small blue laser pistol. As he was designed with the Scramble City-style combination, he can form the arm or leg to any similarly-constructed robot combination. Although the 1986 G1 Menasor toy giftset shows Breakdown as the left arm of Menasor, Breakdown's nominal placement is as the Menasor's right leg.
The original release featured a red sticker on Breakdown's hood. Later "Classics" range releases in Europe featured a gold sticker instead.

Generation 2

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean you aren't coloured neon blue.

  • Breakdown (Stunticon, 1994)
    • Team ID number: S3
    • Accessories: Pistol, double-barreled cannon
Generation 2 Breakdown was released as an exclusive at BotCon 1994. Originally, Hasbro had planned to mass-release a complete set of Generation 2 Stunticons, but ultimately only Breakdown saw official release in any form. The toy is a redeco of the original Breakdown toy, and has the distinction of being the first BotCon toy ever.


  • Generation 2: Redux (BotCon 2010 box set)
This version of Breakdown is a redeco of Universe Sideswipe in Generation 2 color scheme.


So what if he can't transform? He doesn't have to link up to that jerk Motormaster ever again!

  • An unofficial Action Master Generation 2 Breakdown was an exclusive at BotCon 2004, created from bootlegged Action Master Sideswipe parts. Though this wiki does not normally list unofficial items, this one is put here simply to reinforce that even though it is a BotCon toy, it was from the one year that BotCon was unofficial, and the toy is not Hasbro-approved either. Thank you, won't we?
  • A paranoid Lambourghini Countach, sounds farmiliar.

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