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Breakaway is an Autobot from the live-action movie continuity family.


Breakaway (aka Firestorm) is an unusual Autobot. While Aerialbots tend to focus on aerial acrobatics, Breakaway focuses mainly on straightforward flying. This and his unmatched speed in the air make him an elite Autobot flyer. One of his favorite tricks is to speed over a Decepticon at seemingly impossible velocity, releasing bombs and missiles and quickly flying away before the thunderous boom of his passage can catch up.


Revenge of the Fallen: The Game

Voice actor: Andrew Kishino (English)

Breakaway is a playable character in the Revenge of the Fallen game for the PS3, Xbox 360, PC and DS versions.

PS3, Xbox 360 and PC stats
  • Primary Weapon: Beam Fusion Sniper Rifle
  • Secondary Weapon: Burst Mini-Gun
  • Special Ability: Thermal Wave
  • Hit Points: 7
  • HP Regeneration: 6
  • Melee Damage: 6
  • Ballistic Damage: 8
  • Vehicle Speed: 8
DS stats
Breakaway is playable in the only 2 flying missions.
  • Primary Weapon: Flak Cannon
  • Secondary Weapon: F-35 missiles


Breakaway was a member of a group of Autobots who were sent to investigate unidentified spark signatures. As the only flying Autobot in the group, Bumblebee tasked Breakaway to scout the area. While Breakaway couldn't find traces of Decepticon activity, he observed some unknown activity coming from a legion of humans (who had secretly come to extract the body of Ravage). Breakaway soon found Soundwave hovering over the area, watching his animal-istic minions fight the humans. Opening fire upon Soundwave, Breakaway found his opponent telling him that the Decepticon's reasons for being here did not concern the Autobot and told Breakaway to leave. Breakaway's response was an "Er...No." This prompted Soundwave to swerve around and blast Breakaway into smithereens.

Dark of the Moon: The Game

Voice Actor: Christian Lanz (English)


Breakaway is aboard Stratosphere as he carries the Autobot "MechTech" technology for safekeeping when they are attacked by Starscream. Breakaway, Silverbolt and Air Raid then attempt to take down Starscream, but fail and are all shot down and killed.


Revenge of the Fallen

  • Breakaway (Deluxe, 2009)

Say "WhY mY ShOuLdErS hUrT?" and I will SHOOT.

Breakaway transforms into an fighter jet that resembles an F-35B Lightning II. His head, which makes him look like he is wearing a scuba mask, is inside his chest. However, modification can be made to fix this problem (this usually gives him neck articulation as well). The head is clearly visable inside the cockpit, which can be opened. His "Mech Alive " gimmick is that when you spin the open rounded piece on his forearm, the chain gun spins.
While Breakaway is mostly released with a tan color, darker redecos where his main color is goldish (sort of) are becoming more common, possibly a new design. All other aspects are the same.



  • Breakaway sometimes says the phrase, "Decepticon damaged! and it's beautiful!", uh, yeah Breakaway, stop acting like Rampage.
  • Breakaway's sad-looking face has led to him reaching something of a memetic status, with many fans nicknaming him "D'awwwbot." The face has also been compared to Churuya-san (the awkward-looking anime girl seen in the "nyoro~n" Internet meme).
  • Breakaway's initial name is "Firestorm", and goes under that name in the files of the video game.
  • Breakaway can be seen in Multiplayer matches in Dark of the Moon video game.

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