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The name or term Breakaway refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Breakaway (disambiguation).

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Breakaway is an Autobot from the Classics portion of the Generation One continuity family.

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Breakaway is the guardian of a very important ball of rarefied Energon, displaced to Earth billions of years ago by Primus. His personal CR chamber is malfunctioning, so he doesn't remember much about his past other than his mission and the period of time long ago he spent slumbering while guarding a pool of Super Energon. (In other words, he's probably originally from the Unicron Trilogy universe.) To assist Breakaway as a knowledge database, Vector Sigma created the Caretaker supercomputer.

Like his long-lost companions Skyfall and Landquake, he too has powerful energy manipulation abilities. Using Energon, he can restore even the most fatal of wounds.


Marvel Comics continuity


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With Breakaway is the Caretaker created by Vector Sigma.The Caretaker tells Breakaway, Landquake, Skyfall, and Cliffjumper to go through a portal. Cliffjumper is cast aside to the shattered glass universe while the other three are thrown to the Transtech universe and meet Transtech Silverbolt and Transtech Cheetor. The three travellers are processed and go down the streets of Axiom. Breakaway then gets stolen by Transtech Shockwave. Skyfall and Landquake then meet Alpha Trion and Topspin. They plan a rescue mission and get back Breakaway. But after Landquake, Topsin, and Breakaway go through a dimension portal that leads to Shattered Glass, Alpha Trion stabs Skyfall through the chest and drags him through the portal. Alpha Trion explains to a perplexed Topspin, Breakaway, and Landquake that he was shot in the back going through the portal. Breakaway looks deeper and finds a sword wound, not a gun shot wound. Alpha Trion tells his followers to hold the three together, but they manage to escape.



  • Breakaway (Basic, 2007)
    • Accessories: 2 "energon" blasters, brace, Autobot energon chip
Breakaway is a redeco of Energon Treadshot/Windrazor, transforming into a fighter jet kinda sorta like an F-22 Raptor. He can also form a leg or arm to any Energon-series "Powerlinx Combiner" super robot. He comes with two double-barreled guns and a connector piece, which can form hand-held weapons as well as become a footplate or "hand" for his combined mode, plus an Autobot-style energon chip.
He was the 2007 "early bird freebie" toy exclusive to the Official Transformers Collectors' Club, sent to members who signed up before the deadline (and also at BotCon 2007, apparently). Like his fellow freebies, he is also available for sale on the Club store for those who didn't make the deadline, or future members.

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