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This article is about the Beast Wars Neo Maximal. For the Energon Mini-Con, see Brake.

Break is a Maximal from the Beast Wars portion of the Generation One continuity family.

P-P-P-Penguin Power!

For a little guy, Break is full of endless and infective enthusiasm. Eager to prove himself and loving to fight, when he first heard that Big Convoy was selected to lead him and his teammates, his first action was to test Big Convoy's power. He found out the hard way. Though a little rowdy, most of the time his heart is in the right place and he tends to be a big morale booster for his comrades. Break cares about his fellow Maximals and will risk his own existence to keep them safe. He fights with an intense drive for victory as well as a competitive drive against teammate, Cohrada. The two Maximals argue constantly over who's the stronger soldier.

Break functions best in cold "arctic" environments. He has a secondary Targetmaster gun mode that can be used by other Maximals.


Beast Wars Neo animation[]

Voice actor: Junko Takeuchi (Japanese)
Break was among a group of five new Maximal recruits chosen to serve under Big Convoy as his trainees. He made it quickly clear that he was a fiery ‘bot, ready to prove himself as the leader of the group. Part of proving himself meant that he needed to test the instructor’s strength, to see if they were worthy to teach the group of recruits. Thus, when Big Convoy eventually made his way to the training room, Break sprung a surprise attack on him, along with the others, but they were all quickly disabled by the legendary Maximal’s strength. Although Convoy appreciated the gesture, he insisted that their real training needed to begin, which included traveling to the planet Gaia to investigate Lio Convoy’s disappearance. When the group made it into the orbit of the planet, Convoy revealed that he would be remaining behind, and the recruits would be instead led by Longrack, much to Break’s chagrin. When they began to touch down on Gaia, the group was confronted by the PredaconsGuiledart, Saberback, and Dead End. Break hurriedly asked Longrack for advice on what to do, but was only met by an “every man for themselves” type strategy that split the group apart. This resulted in Stampy getting kidnapped by Sling, and when the group tried to leave him behind, they were reprimanded by Big Convoy, who said that if not everyone was there, nobody left. Magmatron then arrived, using the hostage Stampy as a guide, and prepared to face off against Convoy. Break prepared to blast the Predacon leader, but was told to hold back by Longrack, who stated that they all had to rush him collectively. As they did so, they were once more confronted by Predacon forces, but this time, Heinrad froze time, allowing the group to recover Stampy unscathed. As Magmatron readied himself to battle Big Convoy, Guiledart teleported the Predacons away, leaving the Maximals alone on Gaia. Break lectured Stampy for putting everyone in danger by fleeing and getting lost, but Big Convoy defended the rabbit ‘bot, telling the team that they had all been cowardly, but justifiably so. With the Predacons gone, they were allowed to complete their mission: recovering a black box recording of Lio Convoy, detailing his own battles with the Predacons, and the loss of Angolmois capsules across the universe. The team then had a new goal: recovering the Angolmois Energy before the Predacons could use them for evil. Big Convoy, Move Out Break was with Big Convoy and the other Maximals when they saw a volcano floating in orbit above the planet Godbless. When NAVI tried to tell the group that the planet didn’t have a satellite, Break pointed out the landmass and told the AI that she was clearly wrong. Shortly after, the Maximals’ ship had its systems fried by a supposed “God of the Maximals”, in reality an illusion created by Saberback, and they crashed to the surface of the planet. He remained behind with Big Convoy, Stampy, and Heinrad, as Colada and Longrack surveyed the area. Later, when the Predacons attempted to abscond with the Angolmois capsule, Break and the others fought back and provided an opening for Big Convoy to blast the troublemakers with his “Big Cannon”, allowing the Maximals to take the Angolmois back to their ship. Chase the Mysterious Capsule Break and the rest of the Maximals later located an Angolmois Capsule on the planet Solid. NAVI described the planet as warm and tropical, but much to Break's pleasure, it turned out instead to be a cold, frozen wasteland. He was sent out to scout alone and encountered a large creature named Gōmya, who had an Angolmois Capsule stuck to his tail. During a fight between Break and Dead End over possession of the capsule, Gōmya was knocked into the water, and Break had to choose between saving his friend or the capsule. He chose Gōmya, who had not only learned to swim, but had opened up his cold heart. With this change in attitude and Gōmya's separation from the capsule, the planet thawed out, freeing the creature's brother Dōmya. It also freed up the rest of the Maximals, who recaptured the capsule from a fleeing Dead End before sending him flying. Back on the Gung Ho, Longrack berated Break for nearly letting the capsule go, but Vector Sigma, speaking through Big Convoy, assured that Break did the right thing. Burning Heart Below Freezing Break was with the other Maximals when they were participating in target practice, using one another as targets. When Stampy was averse to taking part due to fear of getting hurt, Break was one of the leading voices, along with Colada, in calling the rabbit 'bot a coward. Later on, when the Maximals touched down on Maderan to find the Angolmois capsule located on the planet, Break asked for Stampy to be a part of his exploration group, to which he hesitantly agreed. When Break, Longrack, and Stampy stumbled upon what looked to be the Angolmois capsule, the timid Maximal advised to steer clear of it, as it seemed suspicious, but Break scoffed at him. However, Stampy proved to be right, as when Longrack and Break tried to pick it up, they were shocked by an electrical trap that Guiledart and Sling had set up. Sling took glee in tormenting the captives, but Stampy managed to free them temporarily. Break was quickly recaptured by Magmatron, though, and was once more tortured by the Predacons. Big Convoy then arrived after Stampy sent a signal flare into space, and Break was once again freed, apologizing to Stampy for making fun of him before. Hang in There, Stampy Break was on the Gung Ho when he began to bicker with Colada, to the frustration of all those around them. To curb their arguing, Big Convoy decided to send the pair to the next planet with an Angolmois capsule: Donovan. Break was less than enthused, mostly due to the sandiness of the planet and having to work with Colada, but Longrack scolded him and forced him to go regardless. Upon arrival, their bickering picked back up, and was exacerbated by the illusions that the sand created. One such apparition was making Break think that there were multiple of Colada, forcing him to throw a rock at one of the mirages to determine which was real. When Break threw the stone at the real Colada, their relationship wasn't necessarily helped. Later, they stumbled upon Sling, who was also there to locate the Angolmois. Colada and Sling both dueled one another, but Break opted not to help him, thinking that he deserved to learn a lesson. Instead, he continued to search for the Angolmois capsule himself, but had little luck, instead only continuing to see illusions of the object. When Dead End, Guiledart, and Saberback came to Donovan, Break decided that it was time to call for help, reaching out to Big Convoy and the others. Convoy was furious upon learning that Break had left Colada to fight Sling and the others alone, and beamed down with the other recruits to assist them. As the other Maximals were preoccupied with finding the capsule and fighting off Dead End, Break ended up coming to Colada's defense, saying that everyone deserved a place on the team. In the end, they fought off the Predacons, and recovered the capsule, and Break and Colada had a repaired friendship because of their experiences. Mirage of the Sand
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Beast Wars Neo manga[]

Break helped fight off the priests of the Byakurēn in order to retrieve the Angolmois Capsule they were worshiping as a holy vessel. Break Through! The Polar Bear Raging Claw Fist!

While investigating the planet Wednesday for another capsule, Break was throttled by a giant jellyfish. He and Colada nearly took out the creature before Stampy stopped them, revealing that the jellyfish was in fact a Transformer under the influence of the capsule. Freeing Rage from the Angolmois Energy's effects, the Maximals continued on their quest. To Jellyfish with Love! Cry Out, Stampy Blade

Break and the rest of Big Convoy's crew were captured by the malfunctioning robot-guards within Graviton Prison on their quest for the final Angolmois Capsule. Thankfully, the group's leader got them out of the predicament intact, with the capsule in hand. The Great Escape! Graviton Prison!

IDW Beast Wars comics[]

Break serves as a member of the elite Maximal unit known as The Pack. After Razorbeast had prevented Magmatron from raising an army of Predacons using the protoforms of Earth's past The Pack were able to pick up his transwarp distress signal and Lio Convoy ordered them to man the ship and find Razorbeast. It appears Break is the navigator of the ship, and also enjoys trading verbal barbs with fellow Pack member Apache. The Ascending issue 2

Break and Stampy

Real helpful there, guys.

Upon arriving on prehistoric Earth, the rest of the Pack engaged the Predacons while Break apparently landed the ship. He later was seen, along with Stampy, to be heckling the Maximals that were trying to restrain the Angolmois-infected Razorbeast. The Ascending issue 3

In the battle with Shokaract, Break engaged his gun mode to give Mach Kick some extra firepower. The Ascending issue 4



Beast Wars Neo[]


March of the Shellformers.

  • Break (Basic, 1999)
    • Japanese ID number: C-32
    • Accessories: Missile
Break transforms into an emperor penguin, and is probably the ultimate shellformer; you can remove every piece of penguin from him (the parts on his arms require a screwdriver, admittedly) and still have a fully-functional, four-limbed robot. He has a spring-loaded missile launcher attached to his right arm. He also his a third (highly questionable) "gun" mode that can be held by larger Transformers. Some fans have affectionately called this the "super-mega-poop-attack!", as the missile fires from the penguin's rear.
  • Break vs Dead End (Vs pack, 1999)
    • Japanese ID number: VS-32
Break was available both as an individual and in a versus-pack with Dead End, another shellformer. The toys are identical to their individual-box releases.


  • Break sounds exactly like Naruto. While some similarity is to be expected since Junko Takeuchi provides the voice for both characters... Break's intonation, accent, and attitude are notably identical to the later character.
  • The IDW comics depict Break's penguin mode as a rockhopper penguin, not an emperor. This is not an error per-se, since in-continuity this is Break's second beast mode. His teammate Stampy mentions that his new beast mode is "revamped," having held a vehicle mode between the events of Beast Wars Neo and the IDW comics.

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