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Brawn is not the kind of bot you want to get on the bad side of. Though his size puts him even in the shadow of a certain small yellow bot, his strength surpasses that of even one of the bulkiest of Autobots. Those who are (foolishly) unaware of this tend to underestimate him often. But once he's entered a battle, this grumpy bot heads in full on with brute force, letting his fists do the talking for him. Don't try sarcasm on this guy unless you live near a hospital.


Animated cartoon

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Brawn transwarped

Ain't nobody calling me a robot chicken.

Brawn had to face off against Strika and her team when they attacked a space bridge. He ripped up part of the ground and threw it at the advancing Strika and Oil Slick, and later got into a test of strength with Strika, but he and Ironhide were taken down when hit with the explosive gel covering Red Alert. TransWarped


  • It is unknown what Brawn's altmode is, although he has treads on his feet and what appear to be a grill on his chest and tires on his shoulders.


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