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"My two seconds of screen time"

Brawn is an Autobot from the Revenge of the Fallen franchise in the Movie continuity family.

Brawn lives for fighting, and he couldn't be happier working with the NEST. While not the smartest Autobot, he is one of the strongest. He is currently on the hunt for legendary Decepticon Rampage, and can hardly wait to take him down. Though he carries a few guns, he heavily prefers to use his tough armor and specially designed indestructable fists.



Voice actor: Kirk Baily


In the film Bumblebee, Brawn appears in the prologue during the battle on Cybertron. He and the other Autobots were forced to evacuate Cybertron via personal escape craft, intending to regroup on Earth when it became clear that they could no longer hold out on Cybertron.

Titan Magezines

Brawn, Smokescreen, and Wideload were stationed on a NEST prison base in South Africa not far from the 2010 World Cup, when Bludgeon uses Scalpel to cut his locks and escapes, staging a jailbreak.

Brawn takes command, and (much to Smokescreen's protest) tries to take on the Decepticons single-handedly, saying things were about to get ugly. This attempt fails, and Bludgeon almost kills Brawn. Luckily, he and his team were saved by Bumblebee, Springer, and Gears.

Later, Brawn learns the Autobots have orders to let the Decepticons go, and points out that there is human media everywhere. He also says that the Decepticons escape without Autobots pursuing will make them look like cowards. Gears explains they had no choice, and that they would risk hurting innocents if they didn't. Inside Out!


Revenge of the Fallen

Brawn's modified HX mode

  • Brawn (Deluxe, 2010)
    • Accessories: two pistols
Brawn transforms into a Hummer HX with war modifications, such as the gun turret on top. He is a shellformer in terms of his transformation, and thus has a TON of kibble though some have compared it to Samurai Armor. In humanoid form, he is armed with two pistols that can neatly store in vehicle mode (in his hands, of all places). Plus, he can use his gun from vehicle mode as a shoulder cannon.


  • His vehicle mode is based on the vehicles used by NEST in Shanghai at the beginning of Revenge of the Fallen.
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