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Brawley and Cletus are humans in the Hearts of Steel portion of the Generation One continuity family.

It's not wise to rile a man with arms the size of your torso. (Left to right, Henry, Brawley, and Cletus.)

Brawley and Cletus are railworkers in the latter part of the 19th century. They are the loyal companions of John Henry, and act as his "support staff", cooking and serving his food, and bringing him water while he drives spikes. Brawley is the taller of the two, with brown hair and a beard, while Cletus is brawnier, with black hair and stubble. Brawley plays the banjo, and composes songs about Henry. We don't learn their last names in the course of the story.


IDW Hearts of Steel continuity

Brawley and Cletus are Henry's constant companions throughout the tale. The story opens with them bringing Henry spikes, and setting them for him to hammer. Later, they serve him dinner, and muse about how automation could make life easier. Cletus is with Henry when he discovers Bumblebee (in locomotive form) on a siding. Hearts of Steel issue 1 When Bumblebee demonstrates his automated steamhammer, both of the duo are favorably impressed. After the Insecticons rob a train carrying cash and bullion, Brawley and Cletus read the reports of "mechanical giants" in the newspaper, which leads Henry to carry the news of Decepticon activity to Bumblebee. Hearts of Steel issue 2 Sometime later, the pair are singing a song about Henry's deeds, when he wanders off, and has a talk with Bumblebee about the Autobots' plans. Henry returns to wake the duo, and tells them they're "ridin' east with a new rail gang." Though startled, the two quickly acclimate to the mechanical giants, and we next see Cletus shoveling coal into the little yellow Autobot while Brawley composes a new verse for his song, about Bumblebee. Hearts of Steel issue 3 During the pursuit of Astrotrain, the two shovel coal, keep an eye open for hostile Decepticons, and help shift boulders after the Decepticons' shelling closes a train tunnel. Hearts of Steel issue 4

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