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Brawl is a Decepticon from Prime continuity family.

Only word in brawl's dictionary:KABOOM!

Brawl is Megatron's pet weapon of mass destruction. He loves nothing more the ripping Autobots limb from limb. He's obsessed with explosions, chaos and un-ending combat. He is a loyal dog, never questions orders and lacks creativity. Whenever possible, however, Brawl will never miss the chance for a calculated kill. He forms Bruticus Maximus' left leg.

"Can I rip off Starscream's head and hurl it into space, please?"
―Brawl loses it.


War for Cybertron

Voice actor: Nolan North (English)
Brawl, Megatron and Barricade launched an assault on an orbiting space station under the protection of former Air Commander Starscream to gain possession of an energy source known as Dark Energon. After having fought through the station's security, Megatron merged with the little Dark Energon that was left on the station and infused both Brawl and Barricade with this power.

Later, Brawl was seen over run with Autobot troops outside Zeta Prime's vaults before he got assistance, that he may not have needed, from Megatron, Soundwave and Breakdown. He later reported that Starscream was not providing help, calling in a strike from Dark Energon Bombers, which failed the first time and suggested disabling the Anti-aircraft guns. After assisting through the task, he remained behind while Megatron's team went on.

Fall of Cybertron

Voice actor: Nolan North (English)

Brawl and Onslaught were among the forces attacking the Ark, and when Starscream located Optimus Prime and stunned him, the two moved in and knocked the Autobot leader unconscious before bringing him to Megatron. However the titanic Autobot Metroplex crushed Megatron under his fist, and Starscream took leadership, ordering Brawl and the other Decepticons to retreat.

While the Autobots used a refinery transport to relocate a large amount of Energon, Brawl was sent to bring down a bridge to divert the transport into an ambush. However his artillery wasn't enough, so Vortex had to weaken the bridge's structure before Brawl's artillery was able to bring it down. Brawl and the Combaticons later combined into Bruticus to bring the transport down, however Starscream then had Brawl and the other Combaticons arrested for treason after they had ignored his orders to abort the mission.

When Megatron was restored by Soundwave and drove off Starscream, Brawl helped bring down the former Air Commander's statues, something he'd wanted to do since the Constructicons built it. During the battle between the Nemesis and the Ark, Brawl prepared a unit to infiltrate the Ark via tow-cables, before forming Bruticus with the others. However Jazz and Jetfire knocked the combiner out into space.

Brawl's fate because of this is unclear. Fall of Cybertron



  • Brawl (Deluxe, 2012)
    • Acessories:
Brawl is a deluxe-scaled figure that turns into a Cybertronian Tanks. He comes with a pistol weapon, and is capable of forming the left leg for the Bruticus mode with the other Combaticon figures.


  • At the part where Brawl is outnumbered by Autobots, he uses an EMP Shockwave despite it not being his ability at the time he is playable. And he showed brute strength without his Energon Hammer controllable in the game.
  • Brawl's appearance: treads on his shoulders and cannons on his back, and over all personality resemble his movie counterpart.
  • He asked Megatron if he could throw Starscream's head into space during the level aboard Starscream's orbital station.
  • His tank mode, like all the other bots with tank modes in WFC, rather than having thrusters on the bottom of craft, projects a strange electrical aura on the ground he is hovering over.
  • His primary weapon is a Neutron Assault Rifle, his abilities are Whirlwind and Dash.
  • In Fall of Cybertron, Brawl appears to have giving up thinking tactically, instead preferring to just blow stuff up.
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