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[[Image:Movie_FAB_Brawl.jpg|thumb|right|200px|Now with 100% more GREEN! Not [[Neon|neon]] at all!]]
[[Image:Movie_FAB_Brawl.jpg|thumb|right|200px|Now with 100% more GREEN! Not [[Neon|neon]] at all!]]
*'''Decepticon Brawl''' (Leader, 2007)
*'''Decepticon Brawl''' (Leader, 2007)

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This article is about the Brawl from the 2007 movie. For the Combaticon Tank, see Brawl (G1).

Brawl is a Decepticon from the live-action movie continuity family. He is sometimes referred to as Devastator.

Maybe he was talking to Devastator earlier and got confused.

To say Brawl is a warrior is like calling Cybertron a hunk of metal. Brawl does not just enjoy fighting, he is consumed by it. Tearing Autobots apart is embedded into his very core, and every fiber-optic cable of his being is obsessed with wild, unyielding combat. The only thing he enjoys, or even cares about, is the fury of battle. And he loves a good explosion. Particularly if it's one he created, and if it was an Autobot that is exploding.

Alternate name: Devastator


Ghosts of Yesterday novel

Brawl was oddly absent from events surrounding the Ghost 1 discovery. Whether he was aboard the Nemesis and otherwise indisposed or joined up with Starscream at a later date is unknown.

Transformers The Game (console)

Voice actor: David Sobolov

I have many, many guns; don't piss me off!

Autobot campaign

Brawl arrived in Mission City shortly after Jazz took down Starscream, Blackout and a pair of Dreadwings single-handedly. The Autobot's victory was short-lived... and so was the Autobot, as Brawl punctured Jazz's chest with his claw, extinguishing his spark. Ironhide arrived just in time to witness the killing, and fought through a horde of Decepticon units to destroy Brawl.

Decepticon campaign

Brawl, Bonecrusher and Starscream were hiding out in a human military installation in the desert when they received word that Frenzy and Barricade had discovered the location of the AllSpark. When the three Decepticons mobilized, the two ground-based machines were assaulted by tanks designed to fire holding beams of electrical energy, forcing Starscream to back-and-forth babysit the two Decepticons as they tried to escape.

Brawl later stood by Megatron's side in Washington D.C. after they had retrieved the AllSpark from the destroyed Autobots and had decimated pretty much everything in their path.

(Note: Brawl was not a playable character in the console versions of the game.)

Transformers (2007) film

Spoiler jazz.gif

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Brawl (here called "Devastator") was lying in wait at a military depot when Starscream contacted the Decepticon infiltration team, informing them that the All Spark had been found and they were to move out. Devastator acknowledged that he was in transit and rolled out of the depot.

Arriving at Mission City in the aftermath of Starscream's opening attack on the Autobots and their human allies, Devastator fired shells from his main gun, narrowly missing several targets before running over vehicles abandoned by human bystanders. As the American soldiers fanned out in search of cover, Devastator transformed into robot mode to get up close and personal. With the soldiers firing sabot-rounds from their grenade launchers, the Autobot Jazz jumped on top of Devastator where the Decepticon couldn't reach and destroyed his left side rocket launcher pod. Ratchet followed up by using his buzzsaw to slice off Devastator's left arm.

Damaged, but not down, Devastator continued to shrug off the sabot rounds from the humans as he fired wildly at all opposition. As Ironhide sped towards him in vehicle mode, Devastator fired two rockets from his remaining launcher, missing the heavily armed Autobot as he somersaulted over the missiles. Eventually, Ironhide and Ratchet disengaged from the battle as they left to protect Sam, who was escaping with the All Spark, while Jazz took on Megatron. Now with fewer targets to deal with, Devastator sprayed heavily machine gun fire at the remaining humans, whose leader remarked that the battle was not going well.

Devastator continued to pin down the soldiers until the damaged Autobot Bumblebee suddenly attacked while on the back of of a tow truck driven by Sam's female companion. With Bumblebee's plasma cannon being the deciding factor, the human soldiers rallied and fired more sabots, piercing Devastator's armor until a final shot from Bumblebee struck Devastator's spark and killed him.

Devastator's body was dumped into the deepest part of the ocean along with his fellow Decepticons, in the hopes the intense pressure and cold will destroy whatever remained. Transformers (2007)


Transformers (2007)

  • Decepticon Brawl (Deluxe, 2007)
Japanese ID number: MD-03

Don't let them know about my arm problem or they won't buy me

Deluxe-class Brawl transforms into a heavily modified fictional tank based upon an M1A1 Abrams, fitted with angular reflective armor, a mine plow and external spare fuel canisters. Mounted upon the turret is a smaller sub-turret housing two anti-aircraft cannons and rocket launchers. The spring-loaded main cannon fires a translucent red projectile.
In robot mode, Brawl faithfully replicates his movie design, with the only major divergence being that his main gun does not split into smaller guns. He is reasonably articulated, with ball and swivel joints in his arms and legs. Thanks to Automorphing, pushing down on the front of his tank during transformation raises the front of the treads and his head up into position for his robot mode, and vice versa for the tank mode. He is armed with his spring-loaded main gun on his right arm and a flip-out blade on his left.
There is a design flaw in the way Brawl's arms attach to his torso - the rhombic peg and socket system used does not provide a tight enough fit, and thus the arms have a tendency to detach at the shoulder when moved. There have also been some reports of the gears for the treads crack easily and no longer function properly.
  • Double Missile Decepticon Brawl (Fast Action Battler, 2007)

Now with 100% more GREEN! Not neon at all!

  • Decepticon Brawl (Leader, 2007)
A toy which places Brawl in proper scale with the other Decepticons, and is also much more heavily armed. It is planned to be redecoed as "Desert Attack Brawl."
Or you could pick... WHAT'S IN THE BOX.

This item is currently scheduled for release, but is not yet available.

  • Decepticon Brawl (Cyber Slammer, 2007)
  • Desert Attack Brawl (Leader, 2008)

Titaniums 3" inch

  • Decepticon Brawl (2007)



3D Battle Card Game

  • Brawl (2007)
Card number: 17
Brawl is a 41-point "Rare" piece in the 3D Battle-Card Game. Constructed of punch-out pieces from plastic cards, he can be assembled into his tank mode, or a sort of representation of his robot mode. Oddly enough, he does not actually have his movie-model head; rather, he uses a recolored version of Barricade's noggin slapped on the Brawl body.
He uses the same construction as the Wreckage card.


  • During the movie, Brawl is identified in subtitles as 'Devastator', an early working name for the character. When queried, director Michael Bay said he had always preferred Devastator and that it is not a mistake. Writer Roberto Orci felt that it was a mistake that would hopefully be fixed before the full official release of the film, this did not happen. At Botcon 2007 Hasbro representatives said they consider "Devastator" a "continuity glitch" and as far as they are concerned the character's name is Brawl. Despite rumors to the contrary, he is not credited in the film under either name.
  • According to Picture Vehicle Coordinator Steve Mann, the filming prop of Brawl was a redress of a tank prop made for another movie [1]. Specifically, it was the 'stealth tank' seen in the film XXX: State of the Union.
  • The name 'Brawl' was previously a working name for the character now called Barricade.

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