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Braver is the brains of his team. Coming from a group called the Brainmasters, this is really saying something. Braver loves to tinker and create, being something of a mad scientist much like his contemporary Wheeljack. Fortunately for him, Braver's inventions tend to be on a somewhat smaller scale and usually aren't turned on until the kinks are worked out, leaving him a little less prone to self injury. Just because he is a brain doesn't mean Braver is lacking as a warrior. He has managed to earn a place in the elite Brainmasters team and is an accomplished fighter, capable of holding his own against two or three opponents at a time.

The only thing that seems to make Braver balk is the prospect of having to make a command decision. Braver takes orders and follows them to the letter, respecting the chain of command at all times. Imagine that, a brain who doesn't like to use his brain. As a Brainmaster, Braver is also a component of the combiner Road Caesar, where he quite literally serves under team captain Blacker.


Victory cartoon

Voice actor: Hirohiko Kakegawa (Japan)
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Victory manga

Armada cartoon

An Autobot of Braver's design (albeit purple and with two shoulder shield-guns) was present on Cybertron when the alarm went off, alerting them that the Mini-Cons had been found.

Note: As with all Generation One model cameos within the Unicron Trilogy, it is unknown if this is an alternate-universe incarnation of the same character, or simply a random other 'bot who looks like Braver.



  • Braver (Brainmaster, 1989)
    • Japanese ID number: C-321
    • Accessories: "Brain Robo" pilot, sword, blaster/shield
Braver transforms into a Ferrari F40 sports car. His incredibly simplistic transformation for his size is due to the Brainmaster gimmick in his torso: placing his smaller robot "Brain Robo" body into the open chest cavity then closing the plate pushes the inner core of the small robot up, forming the larger robot's face.
Braver also can form either leg to Road Caesar, though his nominal placement is as the left leg. His sword also combines with the swords from his teammates to form a bigger weapon for their combined form.
This mold was used to make the Motorvator Lightspeed.
  • Road Caesar (Multi-pack, 1989)
    • Japanese ID number: C-323
All three smaller Brainmasters were available in Japan both in individual boxes and in a complete Road Caesar gift-set.

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