Brasnya is a wanna-be nation-state in the Generation One continuity family.
Escalation5 LibertyBrasnya

Liberty to Brasnya and its four-armed citizens.

Brasnya is a republic located in Eastern Europe[1] that will throw off the Soviet Russian foreign imperialists.

The Decepticons are more than willing to help in that regard.


IDW Comics continuity

Brasnya has a standing army with its own tanks, and has for at least sixteen years. While separatist militants under Georgi Koska have fought with Russian troops before, the Brasnyan army has never fired a shot in anger, Russian & Brasnyan politicians always working out a mutual face-saving deal instead. The Decepticons have facsimiles in both the militants and the Brasnyan government. Escalation issue 3 American intelligence agency Skywatch has contacts at the Brasnyan capital. Escalation issue 6

Megatron aimed to use the conflict between Brasnya and Russia to initiate a new, global war that would leave humans in a weakened position when the Decepticons chose to take action. To accomplish this, he turned himself into a gun, had a facsimile "fire" him at a Russian oil pipeline, then used a cloaked Blitzwing to take potshots at Russian and Brasnyan forces (who each thought the other side was firing) to instigate a conflict. This worked until the Autobots intervened; the sight of giant transforming robots stunned both sides into standing down, and the Russians pulled out after being faced down by Prowl & Hot Rod. The situation appears cooled. Escalation

Later on, Skywatch arrived in the area to examine it with intention of tracking down the Transformers. Devastation #1


  • The name is probably a takeoff on "Grozny," the capital of Chechnya, a federal subject of Russia which has a violent history of separatism.
  • Nobody knows why IDW had Russia still as the Soviet Union in Escalation #3 & 4 and then simply Russia from #5. Abruptly dropped plot point, a reference to Brasnya being a Soviet state that went wrong, Furman forgetting the Cold War was over, or a secret plot by the Machination?


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