Brash Ball is a team sport played by eight people — four to a side — which is not dissimilar to American football. Griffin Rock has a team named the Griffin Rock Moose, captained by Kade Burns, and the game is played nationally. The largest event in the Brash Ball calendar is the Brash Ball Big Bowl.


Transformers: Rescue Bots

"Part-Time Heroes"

Mayor Luskey planned to lure the Brash Ball Big Bowl to Griffin Rock and invited some officials to spectate at the Inter-County playoffs being played in the town's new Insta-adium. Unfortunately it turned out that the cleats worn by Brash Ball players were incompatible with the inflatable stadium, which rapidly began to deflate and sink into sea before the match had the chance to get started. Though the crowd and teams were successfully evacuated, the stadium sank along with the chances that the officials would pick Griffin Rock to stage the Big Bowl.

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