You can't see me!

This character has no official visual representation whatsoever — yet, at least.

Brakepad is probably the laziest Decepticon you'll meet. No, strike that, no Decepticon could possibly be lazier than Brakepad. This sloth-like Decepticon would be completely ineffectual were it not for his ability to hypnotically incapacitate his foes with laser light from his eyes and drain their energy, leaving them in a state where they're as lazy as he is.


Autobot World Tour

Brakepad's powers made him a successful thief on Cybertron, and he was imprisoned aboard the Alchemor. When the ship crashed on Earth, Brakepad's stasis pod landed a few miles from Denny's scrapyard, however he was so lazy he didn't even both leaving the pod. So sluggish was he, that he didn't even register on the Autobots' sensors until months after the crash. He was eventually detected and BumblebeeStrongarm, and Grimlock found him still hanging out in his pod. They attempted to capture him, but he merely put them in a hypnotic trance and slowly crawled away.

The three Autobots later returned with the aid of Denny and Russell Clay. Brakepad, who hadn't moved far from his original position, attempted to hypnotize the trio again, but the Autobots' blacked-out glasses prevented his power from working on them. The two humans managed to get the lethargic Autobots to put Brakepad into a working stasis pod, and the effects of Brakepad's power later wore off.

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