Brainmaster Road Patrol is an unofficial, fan-coined name which refers to the Brainmasters Blacker, Laster and Braver as a subgroup. This name helps to refer to them as a team within a Transformer subgroup and highlight their combination ability before it is used.


Together, once they merge, they assemble their combined form, Road Caesar. As Road Caesar, Blacker's responsibility, Laster's guts, and Braver's intelligence join as one into a perfect combination that more weaker Decepticons cannot stand up to, specifically the Dinoforce and their gestalt form, Dinoking moreover.



  • Road Caesar (team pack, 1989)
    • Japanese ID Number: C-323
    • Components:
      • Blacker (Pack Leader) (Accessories: Sword, Shield W/ Road Caesar Helmet/Shield Blaster Armament)
      • Laster (Accessories: Sword, Shield/Left Leg Armor W/ Left Hand/Shield Blaster Armament)
      • Braver (Accessories: Sword, Shield/Right Leg Armor W/ Right Hand/Shield Blaster Armament)

The Brainmaster Road Patrol was available in a team pack as well as individually during the Victory line. In 1991, they were released in Europe as the Motorvators Gripper, Flame and Lightspeed (Minus their combiner mode) as part of Generation 1 Europe.[[Category:

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