Bound Rogue is an Autobot from the Robot Masters portion of the Generation One continuity family.

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Bound Rogue is the Autobots' premier energy scout, and he takes that duty above all else. He's a young and energetic fighter to be sure, and good with double-blaster action... but he's really keen on finding new energy sources. He'll even abandon a battle if he spots a new source nearby.


Robot Masters

Pack-in comics

He and Mirage were beaten up by Smokesniper and Gigant Bomb.

Online mini-comics

When Starscream, Wing Stun and Air Hunter ambushed Victory Leo (who was on his way to help the distressed Star Saber), Optimus Primal and Bound Rogue leapt to Vic's aid. This gave Victory Leo the chance to rescue Star Saber from Gigant Bomb and Smokesniper, then combine with him to drive the pair off.

How the other fight went is unknown. But Rogue and Primal didn't have a combining gimmick, so who cares?


Robot Masters

Boundrogue 2004toy seibertron
  • Bound Rogue (Basic, 2004)
Japanese ID number: RM-07
A redeco of the Beast Wars Snarl/Tasmania Kid mold, Bound Rogue transforms into a large "tasmanian devil" (the resemblance to the real thing being vague at best). By holding the toy by its tail in beast mode and pulling the trigger, his body leaps forward in a spring-loaded lunging attack. In robot mode, the tail becomes an arm-mounted (non-firing) "coolant gun" weapon. Unique to this release of the toy is the chromed "Type 93" blaster-weapon.


  • According to Robot Masters source materials, Bound Rogue was originally a "normal" fully-mechanical Autobot, but was mutated by Beast Megatron into the animal form he has now. It is unknown what he looked like or transformed into before his mutation.
  • Bound Rogue's coloration is almost identical to a Beast Wars II contest-prize redeco of Tasmania Kid. They both end up looking a lot like Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Round Rogue's name is almost certainly a reference to the "Honor-Bound Rogue," a character archetype in literary theory of which Han Solo (and thus Springer) is a classic representative. It may also be a pun on the Tazmanian Devil's jumping ability.

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