Bot Appreciation Week is a celebration held by Griffin Rock to honor the four robots used by their rescue force. It was announced by Mayor Luskey and has nothing at all to do with the impending mayoral election. Why do you ask? Feel free to pick up your souvenir Rescue Bot from the "Re-elect Mayor Luskey" booth.


Transformers: Rescue Bots

"All Bots Great and Small"

Opening with Mayor Luskey presenting the rescue team with the key to the city, Bot Appreciation Week included a festival with Bot races, pin the tail on the Bot, and Bot dogs. It would have gone fine had Evan and Myles not reprogrammed the souvenir Rescue Bots, resulting in a plague of miniature kleptomaniacs. The rescue team was later able to arrest the pair and clean up the mess, and Bot Appreciation Week continued as scheduled.

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