BotCon 2005 was the Official Transformers Convention in 2005, run by Fun Publications. It was held in Frisco, Texas from September 21st to 25th, though only the last two days were open to the general public.


Vast quantities of exclusive merchandise was debuted at BotCon 2005, in addition to "exclusive" merchandise from previous Transformers conventions and FunPub-run GI Joe conventions.

Convention-exclusive toys

  • Convention Box Set - This set of seven toys was only available to those who registered for either the 'Primus Package' or the non-attendee 'Iacon Package.' The set also included a badge and the Convention Comic.
  • Buzzclaw and Dirge - Purple, black and yellow redecos (in different schemes for each figure) of Beast Wars Buzzclaw.
  • Fallback - Brown, tan, and silver redeco of Strongarm, intended as a renamed version of the G1 character Outback.
  • Ricochet - Black and red redeco of the Generation 2 Cyberjet Hooligan mold, a new character.
  • Chromia - White and green redeco of Energon Arcee with a new head sculpt. Chromia was one of the female Autobots from the Generation One series. However, many fans have pointed out that Chromia's color scheme, headsculpt, and personality profile all resemble Moonracer, a different character entirely. According to convention representatives, they could not secure the Moonracer name, so they simply dubbed the character Chromia instead.
  • Attendee-Only Bonus Toy - Flamewar - Black redeco of Energon Arcee, given free to pre-registered attendees. Flamewar does not have the new headsculpt found on Chromia and Flareup.
  • Convention Souvenir 2-Packs - Two sets of two bagged toys.
  • Flareup an orange redeco of Chromia, and Ratchet a white redeco of the Energon Tow-Line mold with the new Ironhide headsculpt and a new Energon weapon, sold together in a pack limited to 500 packs.
  • Virulent Clones - A pack of two blue redecos of Beast Wars Buzzclaw, limited to 400 packs.
  • Legends of Cybertron Ramjet - White and blue repaint of Legends of Cybertron Starscream given away at the Hasbro booth.


  • Convention Comic: Descent Into Evil - Taking place at an unspecified time between G1 and Beast Wars.


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