"Heh-heh-heh! So long, you poor ground-bound thing!"
―Boostwing to Strongarm. [src]

Boostwing is a male Corvicon whose robot mode is same as Filch in Combiner Force season. He has two brothers whose names are Jacknab and Pilfer which they're a three-man crime gang.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise


Season 3

Arriving in Crown City, Boostwing hatched a plan to acquire the brighest shinies from the Crown City Gold Depository, and started stealing explosives for his break-in (the better to make a shiny entrance), starting with stealing TNT from a construction site, where he accidentally rammed a car that a pair of teenagers had absolutely very likely been making out in. His brothers helped throw off the Bee Team's pursuit by making it appear he traveled at impossible speeds, as he next raided a fireworks factory, setting off some of its contents to evade the Autobots. Moving on to the Crown City Armory, he finally revealed himself, taunting the Autobots before escaping into the city, with Strongarm pursuing. Using a freeway ramp for a launch, she knocked the Crowcon out of the air, followed up by a goomba-stomp from Grimlock that put Boostwing down for the count.


  • Boostwing and his brothers share the same body-type as Filch, but with a different sculpted head in robot mode, and are somewhat smaller in size.


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