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Booster X10 is a Decepticon Real Gear Robot from the Movie continuity family.

NOT Laserbeak.

Booster X10 is one of the many small Transformers who were once normal machines brought to life by the power of the All Spark. Booster X10 loves to mess with his user's head, and he does that through messing with their ears. Sound manipulation is his specialty, and not only can he record and playback sound, but alter still-in-the-air soundwaves. He laughs to himself, knowing how much trouble and strife he can cause with a warped word in conversation, or changing something like an ambulance siren into a barking dog.

"Download. Distribute. Destroy."
―Booster X10's packaging tagline

French-Canadian name: Ampli X10
Spanish name: Amplificador X10


Mass Media Battle

Two masters of sound and signal, it is perhaps destiny that Booster and Speed Dial 800 would come into conflict, and OOH have they. The arch foes are in constant conflict now, the air between them thick with their powers. One of the most brutal and pitched battles of the war will never be seen, and rarely even heard, as invisible signals flash back and forth constantly between these bitter rivals.



  • Booster X10 (Real Gear Robots, 2007)
Japanese ID number: MD-12

Not your father's iPod.

Booster X10 transforms from a robotic bird into a (non-functional) fictional model MP3 player with an ear bud. His main body vaguely resembles the design of an iLO, and his weapon backpack strongly resembles a Bluetooth headset. Like all Real Gear Robots toys, his robot mode is apparently at 1:1 scale--and the headset is surprisingly comfortable.
This mold was also used to make Night Beat 7
  • Mass Media Battle (Multi-pack, 2007)
Booster X10 was also available in a Wal-Mart exclusive two-pack with Speed Dial 800.


Coincidence? ...yes, without question.

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