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Boomer is a Nebulan in the Generation One continuity family
Boomer dt

Dumb with a gun

Boomer, a "double" Targetmaster is partnered with Ricochet and the Autobot Quickmix.

His friends tell him "Ignorance is bliss." He doesn't get it, and even if he did Boomer isn't one to take offense, because that's just the kinda guy he is. As the head of the Consumer Complaint Agency on Nebulos he dealt with thousands of angry citizens all day. Boomer's trademark brand of loud, infectious good-hearted enthusiasm was his only marketable skill. Boomer thought that in comparison fighting Decepticons should be easy, so he joined the Autobots.

Boomer was bio-engineered to turn into a sonic pulse cannon, which generates sound-waves or different intensities and frequencies that can be used for either the gentlest effect, or to shatter steel. As a "double" Targetmaster, Boomer is able to combine with Ricochet to increase the power of his own weapon, or boost the power of Ricochet's submachine gun.

Boomer frequently has to soothe the impatient Quickmix or cheer up his depressive partner Ricochet. Fortunately, he doesn't mind.


Marvel Comics continuity

Bommer and Ricochet were paired with Quickmix on Cybertron during a series of fuel raids with the recently revived Grimlock, Jazz and Bumblebee. When Galvatron attacked some months later, Boomer, Ricochet and the other Nebulan "double" Targetmasters were absent while their Autobot partners fought Galvatron.


Generation One

  • Quickmix with Boomer and Ricochet (Targetmaster, 1988)
G1 Quickmix toy
Boomer, like all "double" Targetmasters, is one of the smallest and least complicated Transformers toys. Fold the barrel away, and stand him up, and can also combine with Ricochet to form a rifle He was released with the Autobot Quickmix in 1988. No version of this character or mold was released in Japan.


  • In all (few) fictional portrayals, Quickmix is always shown holding Boomer in his left hand.

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