The boomstick is an equipment from the Dark of the Moon portion of the live-action film series series.

The boomstick is a weapon designed by Que for use in combat. It is a spear like weapon: when activated, a spear point shoots out and is stabbed into the enemy. The boomstick detonates in thirty seconds and destroys whatever its impaled into.


Dark of the Moon film


I'm gonna feel THAT in the morning.

Before the Autobots separated from the human during the Battle of Chicago, Que gave some boomsticks along with grapple gloves to the human for use in battle against the Decepticons. Sam Witwicky took two for use.

After getting separated from Robert Epps and his team, Sam Witwicky and Carly Brooks-Spencer came under attack by Starscream. Sam foght Starscream, shooting him in the right optic with his grapple glove, half-blinding him and resulting in Starscream thrashing around and ultimately flinging Sam through a window. When NEST attacks Starscream, it gave Sam time to grab one of his boomsticks and arm it. Sam then jumped on Starscream's head and stabbed the boomstick into his left optic, rendering him totally blind. As Starscream desperatly tried to get rid of the grappling hook and the boomstick, Lieutenant Colonel William Lennox worked to cut Sam free so he wouldn't be killed when the boomstick went off. Lennox succeeded in cutting Sam free and as Bumblebee caught the two, the boomstick exploded and blew off Starscream's head, killing him.

Later, Sam tries to use his second boomstick to attack Soundwave and stop him from killing Bumblebee, but the boomstick shorted out and Sam is unable to use it. Dark of the Moon

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