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Bonecrusher, Bones or Boney, is a mastiff dog belonging to Mikaela Banes.


Revenge of the Fallen

Actor: Himself

At a certain point, Mikaela asks him if he's hungry. While Wheelie is searching for the remaining All Spark shard that Mikaela locked in a safe, Bonecrusher stared at Wheelie with a curious face. Wheelie responded, "What are you looking at, slobberpuss?" Revenge of the Fallen

Dark of the Moon

Bonecrusher now lives with Sam Witwicky, Brains, and Wheelie. Wheelie shows to act more friendly towards Bonecrusher. Also, Wheelie is small enough to ride on the dog. It is possible Mikaela left her dog behind to Sam Witwicky.


  • Bonecrusher's name was seen in the credits of Revenge of the Fallen.
  • Mikaela only refers to him as Bones.
  • If Mikaela actually handed her own dog to Sam after the break-up, it might mean it is a good-bye memory.

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