The name or term Bonecrusher refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Bonecrusher (disambiguation).

Bonecrusher is a Decepticon whose continuity of origin is unknown, but who was caught up in the Universe war.

"Hit it till it stands no taller than me."

Bonecrusher is one of the six Micromaster Constructicons who combine into Constructicon Devastator, Bonecrusher forming his back. Bonecrusher's personality, like that of his comrades, is unknown. It is also unknown what, if any, connection he has with the other Decepticon construction vehicles named "Bonecrusher" throughout the multiverse, or even the one also in the Universe war.



  • Bonecrusher (Micromaster, 2004)
Uni Micromaster Bonecrusher toy

I will crush your bones.

A redeco of Crush-Bull, Bonecrusher transforms into a bulldozer. He can be used as the back or chest to any of the "jet-kibble"-mold Micromaster combiners, but his nominal place is as the back to Micromaster Devastator.
A K•B Toys exclusive, he was sold on an individual card with the hips and upper legs to Devastator. He and the other Micromaster Constructicons were also ultimately available from Sears during Christmastime, and K-Mart's online store.

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