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Besides crushing bones, Bonecrusher enjoys candlelit dinners, long walks on the beach at sunset, and owns the entire series of Bob the Builder. Actually, none of that is true, and was just now generated by Teletraan I's Random Personality Engine. However, if he had any character development at all, you can bet that would probably be him, all the way. Honest.

Bonecrusher was able to form a limb of Constructicon Maximus, until the Autobots relieved his team of its leader. After that he went on the dole, and went backpacking around the Speed Planet. Nope, that's a bunch of hogwash again. Drat.


Energon anime continuity

Bonecrusher primarily functioned as a limb to Constructicon Maximus; he was never seen in robot mode or shown to have an individual personality. On occasion, Constructicon Maximus would split into his component vehicles to travel more quickly, Wishes or to dig through rubble. The team also appeared as separate vehicles in a video game Hot Shot was playing. Distribution Construction Maximus was later destroyed by Superion Maximus. Bonecrusher and the others apart from Steam Hammer still seemed to function as Storm Jet was able to combine with them to destroy Bruticus. Spark Later, Superion still powerlinked to Bonecrusher and the other Construction team members was seen laying against the wall where Constructicon Maximus was killed. The Sun



EnergonBonecrusher toy

Dandelions, prepare to meet your maker!

  • Bonecrusher (Basic, 2005)
    • Team ID number: C4
    • Accessories: Energon claw, Decepticon-type Energon star
Bonecrusher, identical in mold to his teammate Sledge, transforms into a wheeled front-end loader. He can also form a leg or arm to any Energon-series "Powerlinx Combiner" super robot, though his nominal placement is as the right leg of Constructicon Maximus. He comes with a mutant rake-thing loosely termed an energon weapon, and a blue "super energon" Decepticon-style energon star.
The official Hasbro photography shows him to have steel-gray "hubcaps", but the final released version uses metallic bronze instead.
This mold was also used to make Classics Bonecrusher and Scrapper.
  • Buildron (Gift set, 2004)
    • Japanese ID number: EX-01
In Japan, Bonecrusher was only available as part of the complete Toys "R" Us exclusive "Buildron" set. He has some slight deco differences from his US Hasbro counterpart; he uses a more orangey paint than the Hasbro Bonecrusher's yellow, and he has steel-gray "hubcaps" instead of bronze.


  • Bonecrusher/Sledge's transformation scheme was later used to make Cybertron Hardtop.

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