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Bolivia's Finest Quality Used Cars and Petting Zoo is a business in the Movie continuity family.

Come join the family...if you dare.

Bolivia's Finest Quality Used Cars and Petting Zoo supplies cars and fun for people of all ages. Owned and operated by Bobby Bolivia, buying your first car there makes you family. It's located right next to Bobby's mammy's house, where she can see—and flip off—her son.

Gotta wonder how the animals don't die from all the fumes, though.


Transformers (2007) movie

The old old and the new old.

After playing a rather cruel joke on Sam, Ronald Witwicky took his son to Bolivia's car lot. While there, a heat afflicted clown, who was cousin to Manny the Mechanic, was seen waving a sign, and "scarin' all the white folk". Upon their arrival, Bobby greeted them in an overly friendly fashion. After Sam spotted a nice looking Camaro which Bolivia had never seen before, they inquired how much. Bobby asked for five thousand, but Ron, ever the cheap man, was unwilling to pay over four grand. Bobby instead offered a nice Volkswagen, but the Camaro dented its door. After trying to offer them some other cars, every window in the lot except for the Camaro suddenly exploded. A spooked Bolivia, who had apparently just seen all his worldly assets damaged except the Camaro and his petting zoo (one ostrich), eagerly agreed to four thousand. Transformers

Transformers: The Game

After defeating a set of Decepticon drones, Bumblebee managed to get to the car lot, where he popped the tire of another car that Sam was interested in.

Later, during Jazz's mission of distraction, he destroyed the fuel pumps at the car lot, destroying Bolivia's Finest Quality Used Cars and Petting Zoo. Tough luck, Bobby. Transformers The Game


  • According to the signage around the lot, Bad Credit is OK, Bobby has Fine Cars, Bobby will offer Fine Deals, Bobby will give you Cash for Your Car, Bobby will Finance Anyone, and Bobby's financing has Low Interest, Low Down.