TFGoSamurai5 Bokuden Tsukahara

Bokuden Tsukahara (塚原卜伝 Tsukahara Bokuden) is a master swordsman who isn't clear on the whole concept of strength. He possesses a legendisc.


Transformers Go!

"Depart! Optimus Exprime!"

Bokuden Tsukahara was sleeping in his home when Isami Tatewaki turned up looking for the legendisc. Rather than just take the disc, Isami opted to wait to talk to Bokuden instead, at which point Bokuden revealed that he wasn't asleep and asked Isami why he hadn't engaged in theft. Isami explained that he needed the disc, and Bokuden asked him to explain what true strength was - Isami's explanation that he needed the disc not for himself, but to protect his friends and family seemed to satisfy Bokuden, and he allowed Isami to have the legendisc.

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