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"And trust me --- it takes me a *lot* less time to polish my purple-headed pole than it took me to polish that piece of purple pontification." Bob Forward, November 10, 1997

Bob Forward is an American writer god. He and Larry DiTillio were the story editors of the Beast Wars television series.

His father knew how to build a time machine. For real.



Participation in the Fandom

Like fellow story editor Larry DiTillio, Mr. Forward took to posting to newsgroup, then the central hub of online fandom. Though he was not as frequent a poster as Mr. DiTillio, Mr. Forward's posts would likewise reveal tidbits of backstory explanation, insight into the creative process behind the show, and some of the real-world intrusions into the writers' would-be plans.

Unfortunately for the fans, Mr. Forward was compelled to shut down his account in mid-1998, in the wake of an individual posting fake messages in his name on a web site.[1]


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