(''Transformers'' 2007 film)
(''Transformers'' 2007 film)
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===''Prime Directives'' preview comics===
===''Prime Directives'' preview comics===
===''Transformers'' 2007 film===
===''Transformers'' 2007 film===
''Actor:'' [[Julie White]] (English) [[Yukari Nozawa]] (Japan)
''Actor:'' [[Julie White]] (English) [[Yukari Nozawa]] (Japanese-language dub voice)

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Judy Witwicky is a human in the Transformers 2007 film continuity family.

And this expression is why they never mention Mrs. Witwicky in any other continuity.

Judith "Judy" Witwicky (née Taylor, 1960- ) is Sam Witwicky's mom and Ronald Witwicky's wife. She is very protective of her dog and her garden. She is strict when it comes to discipline, but still understanding and supportive of the men in her life.

She doesn't mind if you masturbate. Giant robots are another story.


Prime Directives preview comics

Transformers 2007 film

Actor: Julie White (English) Yukari Nozawa (Japanese-language dub voice)

Spoiler jazz

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

While tending her backyard garden, she had the chance to observe Sam's new car in action. Upon seeing it emit a large cloud of black smoke, she paused for a moment, then told her husband Ron that he was cheap. Ron maintained that since it was Sam's first car, it was supposed to do that. It's unlikely Judy believed that.

On the day that Sam's car chased him around town, she was enjoying an evening of television and a little drinking with her husband when Sam came home three minutes past his curfew. Judy felt that he should be grounded for this, but Ron -- that pushover -- let him off the hook. While the Autobots milled around in her back yard (and crushed her flowers and new water fountain), Sam and Mikaela snuck into Sam's room to look for Archibald Witwicky's glasses. Just a few minutes later Ratchet accidentally stumbled into the house's power lines, cutting the block's electricity, and fell down. Ron thought it was an earthquake and took cover under the dining room table. Amazed and still sitting on the couch, Judy looked over to him and asked, "How'd you get over there so fast?"

Just a moment later, they headed upstairs to Sam's room, from where noises and lights were originating. She begged Sam to open his locked door before Ron started counting. Just before Ron reached zero, Sam opened up. Judy asked him why he was all grimey and sweaty. He was acting strangely. She asked -- not judgementally, just trying to get to the bottom of things -- if he'd been masturbating. She seemed to be the only person not embarassed by this. Eventually, Mikaela -- who had been hiding -- stood up to try to explain things. Judy was delighted to realize that Sam had been hiding a girl in his room. She complimented Mikaela and apologized for making her sit through their "family discussion". Mikaela told Sam she thought his mother was very nice.

Sam and Mikaela then went down to get his backpack from the kitchen, but they were inturrupted when government agents swarmed the house, stepping all over her flower beds, and started asking questions. Judy bravely stood up to the men, threatening to beat the crap out of them for touching her plants and to kick their asses if they hurt Mojo, but eventually the whole family was carted off.

Much later, after the Decepticons were defeated, Judy and Ron were interviewed for a newscast of some sort. They pish-poshed the idea that aliens had been tromping around the area, and expressed their faith that the government would let us know about that sort of thing if it were going on. After the interview, Judy awkwardly pointed out that their interviewer's head is a different shape in person than on TV.


  • According to writer Roberto Orci, Judy was named after his mother-in-law. [1]


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