AeD wrote: Also, Jesus Christ, the whole "universal streams" concept is clearly meant as an overcomplicated gag about Marvel's Earth numbers, and "Earth-616" is common fan language, whereas I, as an outsider, can't imagine "Primax 984.17 Alpha" is.

Just use fiction-based disambigs, dudes.

Agree on that with 100%. As a fan I don't even know what to do with these numbers. As for:

  • Optimus Prime (Primax)/984.17 Alpha will be the page for Optimus Prime in The Transformers cartoon.
  • Optimus Prime (Primax)/984.0 Gamma will be the page for Optimus Prime in the U.S. Marvel comics.

you could simply say Optimus Prime (Primax) and Optimus Prime (Marvel). I don't know how Marvel and G1 are really stuck together, but seperating those two with numbers and Alpha and Omega? Nobody will google that name directly and it's creating more confusion than helping readers.

The Tab view looks great on the PC but totally messed up for mobile devices. So if you have two long textwalls and put them in a tabview together looks like one big textwall on the mobile phone and if you are saying now: well I don't care then you will loose users or readers because reading with a phone is getting important for Wikia. Usually I check out what's going on on Wikia on my phone more than 5 times on a day. If people want to search shortly about Optimus Prime in RiD they will see this long text with informations about him from War for Cybertron - Robots in Disguise. Maybe we can try something like this out (Example) so we have a big disambugation page and many sub-pages which are linked to the "main article".

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