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*[ Blurr's character page at]
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*[ Blurr's product page at]
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Blurr is an Autobot from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

So fast he's everyone at once.

Blurr is either Armada Blurr, a Velocitronian, or one of one of several Autobot civilians in hiding on Earth, depending on who one asks.


Animated continuity


Voice actor: ? (English), ? (Japanese)

Blurr was seen as one of several Autobot civilians forced into hiding on Earth when the Unicron Singularity threatened Cybertron. After adopting native altmode forms, Coby Hansen spent some time with them, teaching them how to obey traffic rules and blend in.

Blurr has a handful of friends in very similar altmodes in varying color schemes.


  • Blurr has two separate Hasbro-written profiles, both of which contradict his appearance on the show. The first one [1] was written at a point in time when he was to come with Buzzsaw in a two-pack, and characterizes him as the character from Armada. The second [2] was published on his packaging and describes him as a native Velocitronian.

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