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The name or term Blurr refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Blurr (disambiguation).

Blurr is one or several Autobots from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

So fast he's everyone at once.

Blurr is either a high-strung Autobot scout, a cranky Velocitronian race coach, Armada Blurr, or one of several Cybertron-born Autobot civilians in hiding on Earth, depending on who one asks.

Confused yet?

Note: Cybertron Blurr's identity is pretty damn muddled. See "Who is Blurr?" below.


Animated continuity

Cybertron animated series

Voice actor: ? (English), ? (Japanese)
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Fun Publications Timelines

Dark Heart of Sandokan



  • Blurr vs Buzzsaw (Multi-pack, 2005)
    • Japanese ID number: GS-01
    • Accessories: 2 launchers, 2 missiles, Speed Planet Key
CybertronBlurr toy

He'd be a lot faster if his legs moved. Having his entire alt-mode on his back doesn't help either.

A retool of Armada Blurr, Cybertron Blurr transforms into a sleek Cybertronic race car. As he comes with no Mini-Con, inserting his Cyber Planet Key into the space under Blurr's spoiler causes the rear side panels of Blurr's car mode to flip down into a "flight mode". This mode also makes his twin spring-loaded missile launchers available, which become hand-held weapons in robot mode. These missile launchers have been similarly retooled to remove the Powerlinx gimmick, replaced with traditional firing tabs. Blurr also features a new head, based heavily upon Generation 1 Blurr. In Japan, he was only available in a "vs set" with Buzzsaw.
This mold was also used to make Universe Swerve.
  • Blurr (Deluxe, 2005)
    • Accessories: 2 launchers, 2 missiles, Speed Planet Key
For his Hasbro release, Blurr was available as an individual Deluxe. He is unchanged form the Japanese releases.

Who is Blurr?

In the Japanese Galaxy Force line, Blurr is described as being a high-strung, super-fast scout from Cybertron, effectively an alternate-universe incarnation of Generation 1 Blurr. He was sent as an advance scout to the Speed Planet. This, of course, was never part of the show's events; in fact, this depiction of Blurr only appeared on his Japanese bio card and nowhere else.

But in the Hasbro Cybertron line, Blurr has two separate profiles, both of which also contradict his appearance on the show. The first one[1] was published on his packaging and can easily be interpreted as that of a native Velocitronian, a short-tempered race caoch. The second one [2], which appeared online after the toy had been released stateside, explicitly characterizes him as the character from Armada.

Finally, the later text story "The Dark Heart of Sandokan" follows the lead of the Hasbro packaging bio, explicitly stating that Blurr is an elder Velocitronian, giving him a much more Lou-Gosset-Jr.-y temperament with his newest student, Excellion.

All this is on top of the use of Blurr's vehicle mode model being used in various colors —including the toy's— as generic Transformers from both Cybertron and Velocitron, and never as a named character. Amusingly enough, his vs-pack-mate Buzzsaw appears as a native, unnamed (and neutral) Velocitronian as well.

As such... exactly who the Cybertron Blurr toy represents is pretty damn up in the air. Take your pick, you have a lot of canon choices.


  • The gang-molded Mini-Con partner for Blurr's mold was omitted from both the Takara and Hasbro releases of the toy. In Japan, it saw release in the fourth Micron Booster assortment as Wrench. Hasbro, however, never released any version of the Mini-Con whatsoever.

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