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Blurr is a serious minded, yet highly competitive warrior. His skill and dedication have made him an expert marksman, serving as a sniper in Optimus Prime's unit. Once a champion racer, Blurr now trains up and coming racers in the intricacies of the sport. His gruff personality can be off-putting to his students and fellow soldiers, but he is tough on them only because he expects the very best from himself and those around him.

His Mini-Con partner is Incinerator.

Japanese name: Silverbolt


Cartoon continuity


Voice actor: Brian Drummond (US) Isshin Chiba (Japan)

Blurr was an Autobot officer holding the rank of lieutenant, a veteran of the campaigns on the war-torn planet Duke. While serving on Cybertron, Blurr encountered a young Autobot named Side Swipe, who had somehow fallen prey to a trap which left him hanging upside down from a rope. To his chagrin, saving the younger soldier led to Side Swipe idolizing Blurr, to the point of following the seasoned soldier to Earth. Past, Part 1

At his old friend Scavenger's request, Blurr transferred to Optimus Prime's command on Earth. He arrived in time to snipe a Mini-Con storage panel right out of Demolishor's fingers just as the Decepticons were warping back to their base. The Mini-Con panel activated to reveal Incinerator, who latched onto his savior, though Blurr had little idea of how to treat the Mini-Con. Soon afterwards the kids tried to become friends with the taciturn Autobot, but he blew them off, sternly stating that in war there is no time for foolish games, and that they should grow up. As the two fastest Autobots on land, Blurr was paired with Hot Shot in the search for the next Mini-Con on a race track. The two Autobots butted heads over how to proceed with the mission, culminating in the loss of the Mini-Con panel to the Decepticons. Afterwards, Hot Shot apologized to Blurr, who appreciated the sentiment and concluded that he was unaware that the Mini-Cons were more than just tools and that he doesn't get along with others very well. Reinforcement

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Voice actor: Brian Drummond (English), ? (Japanese)

Appearing only in vehicle mode, and usually with several redecos of himself, Blurr was one of the many Autobot refugees hiding on Earth. At some point he adds a spoiler to himself.

Note: He and his redecoed pals later appeared on Velocitron as generic natives of the colony world. Blurr was never referred to by name, and no mention is made of his past adventures. Whether or not Cybertron Blurr is the same character as Armada Blurr or a separate character is pretty muddy, with a lot of contradicting sources. See "Trivia" for more.

Black Sea of Sandokan

Black Sea of Sandokan

Dreamwave Armada comics continuity

Blurr was a member of Jetfire's squad on Cybertron, along with Rhinox, Dropshot, Side Swipe and Overload. He made his first appearance when Optimus Prime visited Jetfire at Autobase: Cybertron. Later on, he was given the task of blowing up the Nexus by Jetfire, but he was unable to do so as the destruct sequence could only be activated manually. While fighting the Unicron herald Bludgeon, Blurr's gun and fingers were cut off by the Pretender.

OTFCC magazine


Blurr ut




  • Blurr with Incinerator (Super-Con, 2002/2003)
    • Japanese ID number: MC-08
    • Accessories: 2 launchers, 2 missiles
ArmadaBlurr toy

Kinda hard to be the fastest Autobot with all that freakin' kibble on his back!

Blurr transforms into a sleek Ferrari F50 like Cybertronic race car. In this mode, plugging his packed-in Mini-Con partner Incinerator into the space under Blurr's spoiler causes the rear side panels of Blurr's car mode to flip down into a "flight mode". This mode also makes his twin Powerlinx-activated spring-loaded missile launchers available, which become hand-held weapons in robot mode. However, due to the aforementioned gimmick, he ends up carrying about three quarters of the car mode on his back. He's also not that posable.
The Japanese release of Blurr has several significant color differences, most notably the lack of "dirt-wash" on his car mode, clear-red canopy rather than clear-yellow, plus his head has an entirely different set of paint applications.
MicronSilverbolt toy

Incinerator was out sick that day.

In November of 2003, US Toys "R" Us stores had special bonus pack Max-Con (Deluxe) toys, which came with a single bonus Mini-Con attached to the card over their sticker, for less than the price as a normal Max-Con during Toys "R" Us' post-Thanksgiving-day sale. Like Sideways, Blurr could come with one of the Destruction Mini-Con Team members: Buzzsaw, Drill Bit, or Dualor.
The same mold was used to make Cybertron Blurr and Universe Swerve.
  • Silverbolt w/ Turbo and Street Speed Microns (multi-pack, 2003)
    • Japanese ID number: MS-05
In Japan, Blurr was available both separately and in a multi-pack with the Street Speed Mini-Con Team.


  • Blurr vs Buzzsaw (Vs pack, 2005)
    • Japanese ID number: GS-01
    • Accessories: 2 launchers, 2 missiles, Speed Planet Key
CybertronBlurr toy

Clearly a very common Earth vehicle.

A retool of Armada Blurr, Cybertron Blurr transforms into a sleek Cybertronic Ferrari F50-like race car. As he comes with no Mini-Con, inserting his Cyber Planet Key into the space under Blurr's spoiler causes the rear side panels of Blurr's car mode to flip down into a "flight mode". This mode also makes his twin spring-loaded missile launchers available, which become hand-held weapons in robot mode. These missile launchers have been similarly retooled to remove the Powerlinx gimmick, replaced with traditional firing tabs. Blurr also features a new head, based heavily upon Generation One Blurr.
This mold was later retooled to make the BotCon 2008-exclusive Shattered Glass Blurr.


3D Battle-Card Game

  • Blurr (2007)
A 28-point character in the 3D Battle-Card Game's "Energon Wars" expansion, Blurr "transforms" into a race car that borrows liberally from his toy design, with a robot mode inspired by the "Movie" aesthetic. He uses the same parts layout as Movie Jazz.


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