Bluestreak is an Autobot in the Generation 1 continuity family. He is also known as Silverstreak.
G1 Bluestreak boxart

I'm f***ing PONDEROUS, man. PONDEROUS, f***in' PONDEROUS.

Bluestreak is a talker. He talks a lot. Any subject, any time of the day, his lips are flapping while his Autobot comrades are rolling their eyes. Could be about things on Earth, could be about things on Cybertron, could be about just about anything, but the point is, y'know, he's talking. Words are coming out of his mouth in a near constant prattling stream. Some think he's vapid, that his mouth just moves a billion times faster than his brain, if his brain is moving at all. Or they imagine that he's a fool who doesn't know when to shut up, that he drones on and on and on and on because maybe he just likes to hear himself speak or something.

His friends realize, however, that his jabbering hides a deeper pain. At the beginning of the war, Bluestreak's home city was totally destroyed by Decepticons. He was the only survivor. It's as if by talking he tries to drown out his own fears and memories somehow. "There's some demons runnin' loose inside that boy," says Hound, "and sometimes I think they grab hold of him and won't let him go." He hated war, he still does, but ever since, he's hated Decepticons even more. It is odd to see a bot of peace so willingly take up arms, but Bluestreak's got a score to settle.

He's also surprisingly well armed for someone who doesn't like to fight.

Talk may be cheap, but it keeps him sane.

Italian name: Ariete ("Ram")
French-Canadian name: Jaseur
Hungarian name: Kékvillám ("Blue Lightning")
Japanese name: Streak


Marvel Comics continuity

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

You can taste his sarcasm. To be fair, nobody likes Mirage.

Bluestreak arrived on Earth with his fellow Autobots four million years ago and remained inactive until 1984. Along with Mirage and Huffer, Bluestreak was one of the less sympathetic of the Ark's crew when it came to humans. He once suggested repairing the Ark and simply abandoning Earth's people to the Decepticons after hearing that Sparkplug Witwicky had allegedly provided their foes with a fuel conversion process while he was their prisoner.

Despite their conflicting views, Optimus Prime still recognized Bluestreak's skill as a sharpshooter and chose him to be one of the five Autobots recharged in the Chambers of Transference, in the hopes that at least some Autobots would be at full capacity when the inevitable Decepticon attack came. When it did, Bluestreak was brazen enough to attack Megatron himself, head-on. Despite their temporary victory, the battle-weary Autobots were blindsided by the returning Decepticon Shockwave, who knocked them all down with a single blast. The Last Stand

Ratchet remained free, however, and with the help of the Dinobots, he recaptured the Ark and the deactivated Autobots from Decepticon control. Ratchet then went to work and revived all the damaged Autobots in quick order. In the following days, Bluestreak was one of the first Autobots to confront new foes such as the Constructicons and Jetfire.

During the Dinobot Hunt, Bluestreak was sent with Sideswipe and Huffer to Doonstown to capture the berserk Grimlock, but they were surprised to find Grimlock locked in battle with Sludge. Bluestreak was the first member of the team down, deactivated by the crazed Dinobots before he had chance to react. Dinobot Hunt

Bluestreak spent a considerable period of time out of action once Prime was recovered by the Autobots, and would not be seen again until well after Grimlock assumed control of the army. Totaled! His return was short-lived, however, as he was soon destroyed battling the Underbase-empowered Starscream. Dark Star!

Cartoon continuity

Voice Actor: Casey Kasem (US), Kōki Kataoka (Japan) Katsumi Suzuki ("Attack of the Autobots" and "Day of the Machines" only)

You get the feeling Blurr trained under this guy at some point.

Bluestreak was one of the original crew members of the Ark when it set off from Cybertron in search of new sources of fuel and energy. Attacked en-route by the Decepticon flagship Nemesis, the Ark crashed into a volcano, and the Autobots lay dormant for millions of years. When the volcano erupted and activated Teletraan-1 in 1984, Bluestreak was reformatted into a Datsun 280Z. Shortly after Hound and Cliffjumper discovered Megatron's plans, Bluestreak was part of the Autobot battle group dispatched to follow Megatron's raid on an off-shore oil rig, despite not having been ordered do so. More Than Meets the Eye, Part 1

After rescuing the humans, he was also among the Autobots who responded to the Decepticon attack on Sherman Dam and the Ruby Crystal Mines of Burma. More Than Meets the Eye, Part 2. Then, when the Decepticons managed to extricate themselves from the mine explosion, Bluestreak and Ironhide took to the air and engaged in a dogfight with Skywarp. He avoided injury, but abandoned the chase when Ironhide was shot down and managed to drag his friend to safety after a water landing. More Than Meets the Eye, Part 3

After Megatron was seemingly lost forever inside the space bridge, the Autobots thwarted an ill-planned Decepticon attack on yet another hydroelectric power plant under the command of Starscream. Chasing after the escaping Decepticons, Bluestreak managed to damage both Starscream and Thundercracker significantly with a single blast from his shoulder cannons. He and Prowl followed the fleeing villains to a human aircraft hanger, from which the Decepticons were scavenging parts. Bluestreak accused Starscream of having a manifold for a mouth. It was hilarious, but both Autobots were outnumbered when Soundwave unleashed Ravage. Fortunately, their human friend Chip Chase took control of Prowl's systems and sent the Decepticons packing. Roll For It


Look, its Bluestreak's movie protoform "entry" mode.

Bluestreak's skill as a gunner was frequently employed in combat. On one occasion, Laserbeak was trying to fly off with Spike Witwicky, and Bluestreak was able to target and shoot one of the tin turkey's legs without hitting Spike to free him. The Ultimate Doom, Part 2 Another time, the Autobots were attempting to recapture the irreplaceable robot ninja Nightbird for the famous scientist Doctor Fujiyama after the Decepticons turned her against humanity. Optimus Prime was insistent the Autobots not shoot or harm Nightbird, but Bluestreak saved Prime anyway from the attacking the ninja by cleanly shooting Nightbird's laser sword out of her hands. Enter the Nightbird

Along with several fellow Autobots, Bluestreak participated in the Europa 2000, an international charity race stretching from Paris to Istanbul. When the the arrogant racing driver Auggie Cahnay cut across Bumblebee, an indignant Bluestreak helped his understandably angry friend catch up to the American and attempt to teach him some manners. Later, after running afoul of the Stunticons, Bluestreak learned of Megatron's plan for the Pearl of Bahoudin from Professor Terranova and deduced that the missing Autobots must have been disabled by the Stunticons. After Cahnay's car was stolen by the Decepticons to use as raw materials for a weather control machine, Bluestreak allowed the hotshot driver race him to victory at the finish line. Together, Bluestreak, Tracks and Bumblebee headed out to confront the Decepticons, but when the Pearl was lost in a tornado, Megatron unleashed Menasor onto the Autobots. Ironically, it was Cahnay who defeated Menasor by sacrificing his car, much to the Bluestreak's surprise. Trans-Europe Express

In the year 2005, Bluestreak could briefly be seen {Don't blink! You'll miss it!) helping Kup move a roadblock, just before Hot Rod and Daniel Witwicky crash through it. Transformers: The Movie


Suffering from the Cosmic Rust virus, Bluestreak was one of the first Autobots reconstructed using Binaltech technology. Alongside Smokescreen, Hound, Tracks, and Sideswipe, he helped Earth Defense Command drive the Decepticons off of Earth. Bluestreak continued serving on Earth at Autobot City, under Ultra Magnus's overall command.

Dreamwave comics continuity

When the Autobot/Decepticon war erupted 8.7 million years ago, destroying his home city, Bluestreak, then a merchant, joined the Autobot army. 500,000 years later, he related Sentinel Prime's death to Optronix, and later served in the last-ditch attempt to defend Iacon from Shockwave's forces.

7.4 million years ago, Bluestreak remained with the Autobots after the apparent death of Optimus Prime. He and Trailbreaker remained at Autobase while Prowl led a task force against Trypticon. While there, they met Jetfire and apprised him of the current situation on Cybertron. 1.4 million years later, Bluestreak and an Autobot/Decepticon/Ultracon force helped defend a peace ceremony at Tyger Pax from the Predacons.

Bluestreak was among the crew of the Ark when it crashed on Earth 4 million years ago, and awoke in 1984 to battle the Decepticons. After years of fighting, Bluestreak and the other Autobots took part in Operation Liberation in 1998, a joint human/Autobot operation that defeated and captured the Earth-bound Decepticons. However, the Ark II, which was meant to convey the Autobots, the captured Decepticons, and a number of humans back to Cybertron, was sabotaged by General Robert Hallo, sending Bluestreak and his comrades to the bottom of the Arctic Ocean.

Bluestreak was later recovered by the sinister Lazarus, and his deactivated form was used to power Megatron's deadly metal virus weapon. By the time he was rescued by Optimus Prime, his energy had been almost fatally depleted.

Bluestreak recovered, however, and rejoined his newly active comrades. When Shockwave came to Earth and announced that the Autobot/Decepticon wars were over and that the two factions had been united, Bluestreak was more than skeptical, suggesting it was a trick. The memory of his destroyed home-city still haunted him, and he would not believe the same beings who killed innocents could change their ways. His views clashed those of with Gears, who did not see the point in fighting wars that had been ended. Despite his objections, Bluestreak was among the Autobots who joined Optimus Prime in surrendering to Shockwave's lieutenant, Ultra Magnus. Ferried back to Cybertron by Sky Lynx, Bluestreak and the others were imprisoned and scheduled for execution, but were freed by Broadside and taken to an underground hideout. He fought in the battle to retake Iacon and witnessed Shockwave activating the Matrix of Leadership. Victorious, Bluestreak and his comrades began to rebuild their planet.

IDW comics continuity

Bluestreak was on Cybertron during the Decepticons' post-Thunderwing advance, shortly before the planet was abandoned, and fought against their final big push. Spotlight: Blaster

Much later, Bluestreak was in command of the Autobot infiltration team on Varas Centralus in the Kol system. The Wreckers assaulted the Decepticon siege mode armature, but Bluestreak kept his own squad out of the fighting, citing the planet as a lost cause. Springer attempted to talk Bluestreak into attacking the Decepticons with the Wreckers, before Springer's crew were pulled from Varas Centralas to deal with the crisis created by the revival of Thunderwing. Stormbringer, Part 2

He later returned to Autobot Orbital Command Hub in order to greet Blaster personally upon his revival. Spotlight: Blaster


Generation 1

  • Bluestreak (Autobot Car, 1984/1985)
    • Japanese ID number: 08
    • Accessories: Beam Rifle, 2 x missile launchers (left & right), 3 x missiles
G1 bluestreak toy

I know I don't wear much blue, but if you know your history, it really does make perfect sense.

The original Bluestreak toy was based on the Diaclone "Fairlady Z" toy and transforms into an accurate replica of a Datsun Fairlady Z. The all-silver deco for the mold was unique to its Transformers release, not a carry-over from Diaclone[1], though it was heavily based on the second version of his Diaclone toy. Reused photography and artwork of Bluestreak's Diaclone incarnation led to considerable confusion in that it retained a blue and gray paint scheme not seen in the American toyline. The doors can open in car mode, but the vehicle mode lacks any kind of automotive interior. As with most Generation 1 toys of the time, he was constructed partially of die-cast metal and had rubber tires.
In robot mode, Bluestreak has the classic "car hood-chest" design also featured on fellow Autobots Jazz, Prowl and Smokescreen, and is armed with a vacuum-metalized laser rifle and two shoulder-mounted rocket launchers that can each fire one of the three included projectiles.
This mold was retooled to make Prowl, and again for Smokescreen.
  • Streak (anime version) (2002)
    • Accessories: Beam Rifle, 2 x missile launchers (left & right), 3 x missiles
An exclusive to Takara's e-Hobby shop, this version of Bluestreak was sold bundled in a set, though not packaged together, with a gold-plated version of Meister. Often called "Anime Streak" by fans and collectors, this toy used the color scheme from the second version of his Diaclone toy (which was used as the basis for his cartoon and comic character model), with a black roof and hood instead of the original Transformer toy's silver.
  • Streak (silver plated version) (2003)
    • Accessories: Beam Rifle, 2 x missile launchers (left & right), 3 x missiles
G1Chromestreak toy

I come in every color except blue.

Also an e-Hobby-exclusive, this version of Bluestreak was almost entirely vacuum-metalized, much like the gold-plated Jazz, but in silver. Like the gold Jazz, the Chrome Streak emulated a "campaign car" prize item from the original Diaclone line.[2]
  • Silverstreak (2004)
    • Accessories: Beam Rifle, 2 x missile launchers (left & right), 3 x missiles
Released as part of Hasbro's Toys "R" Us-exclusive Commemorative Series III reissues in the same colours as his original 1980s release, although his packaging pictures depict Takara's "Anime Streak" version. For this release, he was redubbed "Silverstreak" due to Hasbro's apparent inability to secure the trademark for the name "Bluestreak". Due to safety reasons, the springs in his rocket launchers were removed, and because of changes in the plastics used, his laser rifle and projectiles were not vacuum-metalized.


  • Silverstreak (Alternator, 2004)
    • Alternator ID number: 4
    • Japanese ID number: BT-03
    • Accessories: Engine/beam rifle
AlternatorsSilverstreak toy

Why did the other guy get to be blue?

The second Subaru Impreza toy released in the Alternators line was actually the first to be developed, but due to marketing suggestions, the more eye-catching Smokescreen was released first. Silverstreak transforms into a very accurate silver 2003 Subaru Impreza WRX, with opening hood, trunk, and all four doors as well as a detailed interior. He also features working steering and rubber tires.
His robot mode is based upon his original toy as well as his cartoon model, but with changes made to reflect modern standards of Transformers toys, as well as his new vehicle mode. He is armed with a laser rifle formed from his turbo intercooler and has the capacity to mount two spring-loaded rocket launchers on either side of his shoulders, though these were only included with the retool of Binaltech Smokescreen.
Unusual for an Alternators release, Silverstreak was fully painted silver, similar to his Binaltech release. The silver paint on Silverstreak is more flat compared to the sparkled paint of the Binaltech version.
The first shipment of the Alternator version used the right-side steering like the Japanese release. Soon afterwards, a modified version was released with the steering wheel on the left side of the vehicle.
This mold was also used to make Ricochet and Binaltech Asterisk Alert.
  • Bluestreak (Binaltech, 2008)
    • Japanese ID number: BT-19
    • Accessories: Engine/beam rifle
Bluestreak BT19

Finally! I became blue at last. Wait a minute.

Bluestreak is a redeco of Binaltech Silverstreak. As his name suggest, Bluestreak's body is almost complete blue.

This item is currently scheduled for release, but is not yet available.


  • Silverstreak (Spy Changer, 2004)
    • Accessories: Beam Rifle

New name, old colors

A redeco of Robots in Disguise Side Swipe, he is based upon his pre-G1 release "blue" colour scheme, with a silver hood. He is armed with a small gun that is disguised as a tailpipe in vehicle mode.
The original release of this toy (and the others in the assortment), exclusive to Kay-Bee stores, came on cards that lacked a sub-line designation. Later releases that were also available through chains like Dollar General were put on Universe cards.

Smallest Transforming Transformers

  • Streak (2004)
  • Japanese ID Number: GTF X-3
STFStreak toy

Not even the tiniest bit of blue

A retool of Smallest Transformers Prowl, STF Streak is a much simplified, much smaller replica of his original toy. Although resembling his G1 form, he has less articulation and his wheels do not roll. Streak was one of two chase figures in the second wave of the line.

Universe (2008)

  • Silverstreak (Deluxe Class, 2008)
    • Accessories: Beam Rifle
Universe2008 Silverstreak toy

Not Shattered Glass Prowl.

Universe (2008) Bluestreak is a retool and redeco of Universe (2008) Prowl.

This item is currently scheduled for release, but is not yet available.


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  • One of the longest-running myths about Transformers is the existence of the "blue-sided Bluestreak". This misconception has its origins in Bluestreak's box art and instruction sheet, as well as the original 1984 toy catalogs[3], all of which used the blue-sided Diaclone variant of the Fairlady mold[1]. No sealed samples of the blue-sided Bluestreak in a Transformers box have ever been found. Oddly enough, though the catalogs featured numerous pictures of toys that did not match up with finished product (like Astrotrain and Perceptor), blue-sided Bluestreak is the only one that seems to have taken on the "my brother's friend's cousin had one" status.
  • Compounding the confusion, a second Diaclone variant exists, with a black hood and silver sides, which became the basis for Bluestreak's animation model.
  • In recent years, toys based on the Bluestreak character were renamed "Silverstreak" for trademark reasons, because a company named Gendron currently holds the trademark for "Toledo 'Blue Streak'" in the "toys" category.
  • Aaron Archer, as Orson, when asked about the Commemorative Series Silverstreak's deco, said the figure was based on the 1984 version of figure rather than the 2002 e-Hobby "Streak" release due to his desire to give collectors a version closer to the one released in 1984. While this is most likely true, it may also have to do with Hasbro's inability or desire not to release figures too similar to e-Hobby exclusives, thus a required change for Silverstreak from e-Hobby Streak.
  • The deco for Hasbro's retool of the Alternators Acura RSX mold was originally designed with Bluestreak in mind, specifically the original Diaclone deco mentioned above. Early leaked packaging samples even sported an abbreviated form of the name "Bluestreak" on their license plates. Ultimately, however, Hasbro decided to rename the toy and release it as "Autobot Camshaft" instead, possibly because they already had a representation of the Bluestreak character in the Alternators line (Silverstreak).


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