Magmatron seeks to complete his assigned mission, while Ravage hunts the Maximals. Razorbeast's gang tries to fix the signal amplifier.

Beast Wars: The Gathering issue #3

Script: Simon Furman
Art: Don Figueroa
Lettering: Tom B. Long
Colors: Josh Burcham
Editor: Chris Ryall and Dan Taylor

  • Major characters (in order of appearance): Magmatron, Razorbeast, Ravage, Grimlock
  • Originally published: April 2006


IDW Megatron Magmatron

Megatron kicks Magmatron's ass.

Razorbeast, Optimus Minor, Bonecrusher, and Snarl sneak into the Ark for parts to fix the signal amplifier.

A group of Predacons enter a swampy area, tracking any stray Maximals. There are Transformers in this swamp, but they are neither Maximal nor Predacon. They are Mutants! Poison Bite stings Retrax; Soundwave takes a bite out of Powerpinch; Icebird takes down Transquito. Scourge and Insecticon retreat.

Magmatron, Iguanus, and Drill Bit insert Ravage's spark into a stasis pod, transforming the blank protoform within into Transmetal 2 Ravage.

A short time later, Snarl, still slavaging parts, detects Magmatron nearing Megatron's base. Megatron, returning from a successful mission, sends his troops Rampage and Inferno on ahead. While Megatron is left alone, Magmatron slips out of chronal displacement. Megatron suspects that Magmatron has come to complete Ravage's previous task, and he promptly kicks Magmatron's sorry ass. Distracted, Drill Bit and Iguanus easily knock Megatron out.

Razorbeast realizes that, with Megatron now his prisoner, Magmatron will return to Cybertron to continue his plans for takeover. Razorbeast and Optimus Minor rush to stop him (repeating his gathering signal), while the others return to base with the parts.

Ravage dispatches Lazorbeak, Buzz Saw, Injector, Sky Shadow, and Jetstorm to locate the Maximal base.

Magmatron prepares to send Megatron back to Cybertron as an offering to gain favor with the Tripredacus Council. Razorbeast and Optimus Primal, watching from cover, discuss how to take down Magmatron. As if on cue, a distraction arrives in the form of Grimlock!


Items of note

  • There are four Beast Wars Mutants, but only three appear in this story. Razor Claw is mysteriously absent.

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