Blowout is an Autobot from the Generation 2 portion of the Generation One continuity family.
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Always energetic, Blowout tirelessly travels all across the planet Earth in pursuit of his two favorite hobbies: racing through city streets in his car mode, and blasting Decepticons. Want to race? Blowout sure does! But be warned, he carries a quasar rifle. This weapon draws power from distant stars and can convert it not only into laser fire good for piercing the armor of his enemies, but also into bursts of energy that are just perfect for shooting out someone's tires.

Italian name: Leon


Generation 2


Not the guy who likes JaAm.

  • Blowout (Go-Bot, 1995)
    • Accessories: Gun
Part of the Go-Bots line, Blowout transforms into a 1:64-scale Porsche 959 sports car with through-axle construction. This not only makes him roll exceptionally fast in car mode, but also makes him largely compatible with playsets from the "Hot Wheels" and "Matchbox" toy-car lines.
The same mold was redecoed in Generation 2 for the Go-Bots versions of Megatron and Frenzy, and later for the Robots in Disguise Spy Changer Hot Shot.

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