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There's only one thing Autobots and Decepticons both agree on with no war or argument, and it's this: Blot is the most vile and disgusting Transformer ever assembled. He oozes fluids of questionable nature from various joints on his frame, and has a rank odor that usually keeps foes and allies far away from him. Naturally, all this scorn and insult has given the less-than-smart Blot quite the inferiority complex. Stuck with a hygiene problem he can't control and a central processor a few bytes too small, Blot is both unable to solve the problems of his own stench and talk back to the insulting comments from his peers. Brutish and slow-witted, Blot is the classic dumb bully to those who don't give him respect...although he's not sharp enough to tell when said respect is faked. He's immensely loyal to those who at very least pretend he's worth something, and Hun-Gurrr in particular is a Decepticon to whom he shows unwavering support.

The other Terrorcons, on the other hand, tolerate Blot enough, but are apprehensive about combining into Abominus with him, as it takes far too long to remove the stench he's passed on to them after they're finished. Probably why they agreed to have that "combination countdown" that automatically separates them after a period of time.

French name (Canada): Extermino
Italian name: Spectrobot
Japanese name: Butto (ブット, butto)[1]


Marvel Comics continuity

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.
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Look! It's my magic nose goblin! He loves making humans go squish!

Blot was among the Decepticons serving under Scorponok on Cybertron, involved in a feud with Fortress Maximus' Autobot faction. Ring of Hate When they pursued the Autobots to Nebulos, Blot was part of Scorponok's advance team who met with Lord Zarak, attacked the Nebulan city and had an uncomfortable reunion with the Autobot Headmasters. Broken Glass Blot was reunited with the other Terrorcons, plus the Horrorcons, to attack the city of Splendora, where he looked forward to finding out what happened when you stepped on a Nebulan. The group were driven off by Hardhead, Brainstorm and the Technobots, despite the Terrorcons trying to intimidate them by forming Abominus. Love and Steel He was also among the Decepticons Scorponok took to take control of the Nebulan nurseries and hence among the first to get shot at by the Autobot Targetmasters, although they gained a moral victory by, um, reducing their target to rubble so the Autobots let them have it. Brothers in Armour

After Scorponok's crew had relocated to Earth, Blot joined the alliance with Ratbat's Decepticons and Optimus Prime's Autobots against the Underbase-powered Starscream. Joining the team led by Fortress Maximus and Soundwave who went to defend Buenos Aires, he was deactivated along with pretty much every other Transformer present. Dark Star

Marvel UK future timelines

In 2007, Blot was sent to the freelance peacekeeping agent known as Death's Head as an emissary for the Decepticon army. Death's Head had sought a bounty against Galvatron months earlier, only to have the offeror, Rodimus Prime, interfere with the collection and rescind the offer. Blot proposed the mechanoid use Decepticon resources to enter Cybertron undetected and track Rodimus Prime's predicted movements to get his revenge. Death's Head was unconvinced by this appeal to his sense of pride, so then Blot appealed to his wallet and instantly the mech was interested in the deal. Headhunt

Frothing at the mouth (and the neck, and the ankle joints, and...), Blot enjoyed terrorizing the human population on 2009 while on his way to the latest energon extraction site the Decepticons had rigged up. Unfortunately for them, Soundwave and the Terrorcons proved incapable of fending off an Autobot strike team, who quickly destroyed their laboriously assembled drill. Seeking revenge, Blot and the others chased their foes back to Autobot City, only to end up passing through a trans-time dimensional portal and getting caught up in fighting for the fate of the universe. It seems the former 21st century Decepticon leader Galvatron had been active in the 20th century for too long, causing a timestorm which threatened both ends of the timeline, at 1989 and 2009.

Soundwave ostensibly agreed to help their 20th century counterparts, but in reality kept Blot and the other Terrorcons in reserve, hoping the other various factions present would do the heavy lifting for them. In the end, Soundwave and the 2009 Terrorcons chose the better part of valor and fled back to their home time rather than face the fighting mad Galvatron. Time Wars

Cartoon continuity

Generation 1 cartoon

.Voice actor: Tony St. James (US), Ken Yamaguchi (Japan) Blot's first appearance was with his fellow Terrorcons inside Unicron's head. Galvatron used them to blast into Unicron so he could retrieve more anti-electrons for an attack against the Autobots. Blot and the others did a decent job in keeping the Autobots at bay, but were quickly forced into retreating when Grimlock finished building the Technobots and gave them the ability to merge into Computron. Grimlock's New Brain

Later, the Terrorcons were seen under the service of the Quintessons. Dirk Manus had sold the Quintessons a Molecular Disassembler/Reassembler. Eager to test the device, they had Blot act as the volunteer. The test proved that the device not only disassembled and reassembled matter like the name implied, but also cured whatever it had been used on of all broken parts, maladies, and other flaws. Cured of his imperfections, Blot felt sick.

When Dirk and his Technobot escorts were on their way through space, Abominus swooped down and attacked, shooting them from the sky. The automatic timer in Abominus, placed within by the Quintessons, forced Abominus to separate into his Terrorcon components. The team was upset they couldn't finish the task of destroying the Autobots, though Blot and the team did get a second chance at going against Computron later. Money is Everything, Call of the Primitives, The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 1, The Rebirth, Part 1

The Headmasters cartoon

Four Warriors Come out of the Sky, Approach of the Demon Meteorite, Explosion on Mars!! Maximus Is in Danger, SOS from Planet Sandra, Head Formation of Friendship, Ultra Magnus Dies!!, The Emperor of Destruction Vanishes on an Iceberg, I Risk My Life for Earth, Miraculous Warriors, Targetmasters (Part 2)

IDW comics continuity

Blot was one of the earlier warriors seen in the bloodsport tournaments on Kaon, part of Megatron's team as the future Decepticon leader rose in prominence. He remained part of the movement when the pit-fighting broke out into active terrorism, and was seen dismembering security officers with his extra arms just before Sentinel Prime returned with his Apex Armor. Megatron Origin

Even his pictures look toxic.

In the present, he has joined with Hun-Gurrr and several others to form a squad called the Terrorcons, who are also major fanboys of Sixshot. They were deployed to Mumu-Obscura, but were taken prisoner by the Reapers to lure Sixshot to the planet. The Reapers offered membership to their little club so long as Sixshot destroyed the Terrorcons, to which Blot offered no reaction whatsoever, nor did he react when Sixshot appeared to take the Reapers up on their offer. After Sixshot declined the invitation, the Reapers allowed the Decepticons to leave in peace. Spotlight: Sixshot

Blot's next goal in life is to get the courage to say something in Sixshot's presence.

Keep trying, Blot. Keep trying.


Generation One

  • Blot (1987)
    • Team ID number: TR4
    • Japanese ID number: D-83
    • Accessories: "Slime Gun", "Laser Mount" backpack

It's a thingy!

Blot transforms into a navy blue and lavender monster. What sort of monster is a hard factor to determine, as the details molded into him don't particularly point to any one creature. His shoulder span and long arms indicate something ape-like, while his pointed nose and sloped head give him an amphibian-like appearance. Pretty much, if you say Blot looks like something, he has a decent chance of actually looking like it.
Blot's monster mode is nicely poseable for the time, having hinge elbows and full swivel shoulders and hips. His head can also rise up a bit, but due to his unpainted eyes, the effect is negligible. In robot mode, his articulation is reduced to just a single joint per arm. His box art shows these to be his elbows, but from looking at just the toy, they could be his shoulders. Due to his broad monster mode width, Blot's small, square-peg head conspires against him and makes him look immensely out of proportion.
He can form the leg or arm of any Scramble City-type combiner, though he is nominally Abominus' right arm. He can also attach to Metroplex's robot mode.
There is a variant of Blot which does not have the rubsign indent.
  • Abominus (1987)
    • Japanese ID number: D-84
Blot was also available in a gift set with the rest of the Terrorcons.


  1. While usually written "Butt", Blot's Japanese name is in fact rather difficult to transliterate into English, being essentially "foot" with a "b" sound instead of an "f". In katakana, "butt" is usually rendered バット, batto, while "boot" is ブート, buuto. It is equal parts possible that "butto" is a misspelling (intentional or otherwise), an alternate transliteration for "butt", or that it's "Bhutto", the name of a Sindhi tribe that resides in Pakistan.

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