Blossom Vale is a particularly picturesque area of Griffin Rock, with a waterfall, beach, and an abundance of flowers. The townspeople love it for its natural beauty, so much so that according to Chase, there's 82% less litter there. As a popular recreation spot, it's afforded special protection by the council.


500px-Spellbound Blossom Vale

Rescue Bots


A developer attempted to purchase the area for redevelopment, but was turned down by the city council. The Rescue Bots and their human partners later spent some time relaxing there until they were called to a rescue. Desiring the gold under the vale, Madeline Pynch used cellphones to hypnotize the rescue team and many of the townspeople, resulting in the Rescue Bots being used to dig up and mine the vale, reducing much of it to a large pit before they were freed. In the aftermath, the Rescue Bots were ready to repair the damage themselves, but the townspeople turned out in force to help, bringing spades and new trees. 

"Endangered Species"

While bird watching in Blossom Vale, Boulder discovered some woodpeckers previously thought to be extinct. He and other members of the rescue team attempted to protect the birds, but once the other town members got wind of the find, they started camping in the area and caused a blaze which both destroyed a section of the grove and scared off the birds. That section was later re-dedicated as a bird sanctuary.

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