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Hydestersky13 Hydestersky13 10 days ago

Hyde's Movie Tier List

  • 1 S Tier (Superb)
    • 1.1 Dark of the Moon
  • 2 A Tier (Excellent)
    • 2.1 Bumblebee
    • 2.2 G1 Movie
  • 3 B Tier (Good)
    • 3.1 '07
    • 3.2 Age of Extinction
  • 4 C Tier (Decent)
  • 5 D Tier (Mid)
    • 5.1 Revenge of the Fallen
  • 6 E Tier (Bad)
  • 7 F Tier (Terrible)
    • 7.1 The Last Knight

May be a little biased on this one, but I'll explain later. While the movie does kinda start off a little slow and a bit boring, the second half is just.. mwa. Chef's kiss. It's just full on war, i love it (which is probably my bias here). Like, from here on out, it's just brutal nonstop action that just FEEDS my brain. also rip ironhide

While this movie is really good, i (and alot of other people) feel like it's kinda just The Iron Giant but with a yellow skin over it. But that doesn't stop me from liking this movie, Shatter…

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Moviejunkie2009 Moviejunkie2009 12 June

New Elections

After two mods were demoted for power abuse over the last few weeks and other mods have turned inactive, the time has come to hold further mod elections. Between June 23 and September 15, 2024, two content and two discussions moderators will be elected, with the final election concluding just five days prior to the start of Transformers One on September 20, 2024. During the summer it won't become too boring on Transformers Wiki in terms of community decisions. So, let's enjoy the time.

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YataDev YataDev 3 April

gay megatron

yeah that gay megatrno

im watching kevin hart

i just started to fart

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Moviejunkie2009 Moviejunkie2009 25 February

Transformers Wiki celebrates Black History Month

This year's Black History Month is upon us and it's a great time to reflect on the importance of fostering inclusivity and diverse narratives in popular culture. As one of the most beloved and iconic franchises in history, Transformers has also recognized the significance of representation. In this post, we'll shed light on several talented individuals who have contributed to the Transformers franchise in its fourty-year-long history.

  • 1 Origins
  • 2 Individuals
    • 2.1 Tyrese Gibson
    • 2.2 Bernie Mac
    • 2.3 Jerrod Carmichael
    • 2.4 Dominique Fishback
  • 3 Conclusion

In 1915, the historian Dr. Carter G. Woodson founded the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History. As the organization developed, the observance became the Negro History Week in February 1926. In 197…

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8Jake 8Jake 5 February

Top 10 ninja transformers

There are transformers who are warriors, soldiers, and different types, snake eyes outside of the transformers universe, for example, his a ninja along with his nemesis storm shadow

here are the top 10 ninja transformers

10 silverbolt he first appeared in the beast era as a griffin half wolf, half eagle, but when Megatron captured and brainwashed him, he turned them into jet storm. However, he was returned back to normal, and becoming a Batman type by the same fighting style.

9 animated prowl

this version of prowl is the reinventing of the character, and hence the name his signature weapons are Shuriken he was also closer to jazz who is a Bruce Lee clone in this universe.

8 drift

like prowl, he is a ninja or samurai. Also, like silver bowl, he…

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Jacobproper1 Jacobproper1 2 February

Video game references in the Transformers franchise

Mirage calls, Optimus, primal donkey, Kong in transformers rise of the beastS

Alexis resembles Sakura from Street fighter

Lori resembles Tifa Lockhart

there were some proposed animated characters who look like Mario and Luigi

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Mandarin18 Mandarin18 2 February

me about being admin

Hey guys i am back out of my shell and i am slowly returning to edit this wiki after i demoted myself as admin i felt dissapointed at first but i thought what about what yall said and it was true so i have changed becoming a better person than that hateful and greatly disliked jerk that i was few months ago so i want to apologize to every single one of you for being a bad person, disliked jerk and greedy for power (to the point i impersonated someone just to become administrator which has terribly backfired on me leading to me having a one year block and during that time i truly reflected back on what i did and i feel real terrible for it so i wish i can go back in time and stop myself from doing what i have done but whats done is done it …

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Moviejunkie2009 Moviejunkie2009 8 January

About the destination of future elections

Now as Luke and Mandarin have demoted themselves, it is time to decide about the destination of future elections. They could either be held on discussions (like most elections in the past), on the forums (like last year's controversial admin elections) or on blogs. Feel free to vote for your preferred destination. After this vote it won't take long until we repeat last year's controversial admin elections.

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Moviejunkie2009 Moviejunkie2009 1 January

About Luke's admin powers

Now as the controversial admin elections are over, there will be another vote about Luke's and possibly Mandarin's standing as admins. Several users were dissatisfied about the destination of the admin elections, as it was held on the old wiki-style forums rather than the discussions, with which many users are more familiar. This was because there were users including our wiki representative, who were concerned that mostly users on discussions decide about a position, which is mostly defined through traditional wiki activity rather than social activity. However this obviously backfired, as ultimately users were elected, which were more known through social activity and also the users who voted for them were more involved into social activi…

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Moviejunkie2009 Moviejunkie2009 20 November 2023

Admin Elections

As it was announced already some time ago we are now holding two admin elections until the end of this year. As there were concerns about holding them on discussions we will hold them on the old wiki-style-forums. In a way we go back to the roots with this, as the old wiki-style forums were on a wiki long before blogs, message wall threads and discussions and other more social features. As announced in previous posts a candidate for admin powers at least should have around hundred edits on this wiki. Thus the requirements have been increased as we are now not just electing rollbacks, who only can revert multiple edits by the same account at once, but admins, which are only outranked by bureaucrats. So, let's enjoy the final weeks of this y…

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Fclx0704 Fclx0704 1 October 2023

What if Kikmee got received her own spin-off movie?

  • This is the first Transformers film that side or minor characters got received their own spin-offs as main protagonist and focuses on the characters.
    • While the original characters are absent, which it will not appearances nor mentioned in this spin-off.
  • This is the only BotBots media to not feature the Lost Bots, Dave, and any characters.
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Jakester95 Jakester95 23 July 2023

Top-five beast machines toys that were better

Hammerstrike is on this list cause his alternate form is a Technorganic hammerhead shark

Though he wasn’t on the cartoon but hammer strike is a really great action figure

2 night viper got this one at the conference store the other day night viper

Alternate form is a cobra like cohrada. night viper, uses a scythe as a weapon

I have this one in the universe of the kid Snarls beast form as a lion

I had this one when I was little growing up I was watching a transformers beast wars knock off, called dinozaurs

mom thought it was a Dinobots, but she got the toy line for me that would think it’s them but it’s not the right one

The toy looks very cartoon, accurate except this version of cheetor is black

Which toy did better? Which one is your favorite? …

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Transformers ROTB Novel

As an aspiring writer, I always love a good challenge. When I heard about the opportunity to novelize the Transformers movie, "Rise of the Beasts," I knew I had to try. After all, who wouldn't want to dive into the world of giant robots and epic battles? I started by watching the movie repeatedly to get a feel for the story and the characters. I took notes on every detail, from the witty one-liners to the intricate fight scenes. I wanted to make sure I captured everything essential in the book.

Then came the writing process. It was no simple feat converting a screenplay to a novel. I had to dig deeper into the characters' emotions and motivations, expand dialogue, and create vivid descriptions of the transformers transforming and battling, …

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ElectricStormFire86 ElectricStormFire86 23 June 2023


I've created a fan group on DeviantArt a month ago on the Transmetal and Transmetal 2 Transformers. I like the Transmetal and Transmetal 2 designs and there should be a fan group on DeviantArt on them. The group is on the Predacons from Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2001) as well, which their designs are based on toy-only Beast Wars Transmetal 2 Transformers but recolored, which pretty much make them Transmetals 2 as well and the RiD (2001) version of Megatron/Galvatron (Gigatron/Devil Gigatron) is pretty much a perfect example of a Transmetal 3 with 6-10 modes (especially with more than one Beast Mode). The group also allows Transmetal 1, 2 and 3 OCs as well.

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Moviejunkie2009 Moviejunkie2009 20 June 2023

Rollback Elections

Because of the drastically increased activity of this wiki, following the launch of Rise of the Beasts, despite its poor box office performance, we are holding six rollback elections during this summer, right before we are approaching the final months of this year, when our long-awaited admin elections will start. As rollbacks are lower than mods, not much qualification is needed, so we shouldn't be too strict. All a rollback can do, is reverting multiple edits by the same user at once. So have fun with the rollback elections this summer and if you haven't watched Rise of the Beasts yet or want to watch it again, a visit at a cinema would be great. It could improve the box office performance and perhaps also your life in this summer.

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Sailor man95 Sailor man95 14 June 2023

Top 10 young transformers


Hot rod



spark plug


Tasmanian kid



build boy

sari sumdac

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Jacob Proper Jacob Proper 14 June 2023

Differences between the rise of the beast, maximals, and the Cartoon maximals

Optimus primal in the show was a grumpy 90s archetype in the movie they made him more like Iron Man

Cheetor in the show was a 90s teenage stereotype later a young adult in the show they made him an adult and sound like a British accent is character

Rhinox in the show behave like Bruce Banner and smart hulk later turning into a villain Tankor in the movie he couldn’t talk. He is a silent bruiser.

Airazor’s robot mode was not shown in the movie they had to kill her off, because Michael bay was not a big fan of the character. She was beloved in the show, though.

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Moviejunkie2009 Moviejunkie2009 25 May 2023

Break the Mold with Transformers Wiki for Asian American Pacific Islander Month

May is Asian American Pacific Islander Month! To coincide with that, Transformers Wiki would like to celebrate how this franchise and Fandom break the mold when it comes to the ever growing contributions of its Asian American and Pacific Islander entertainers, artists, writers and creators.

  • 1 History
  • 2 Transformers
  • 3 Characters and Toys
    • 3.1 Optimus Prime
    • 3.2 Bumblebee
    • 3.3 Arcee
  • 4 People
    • 4.1 Michelle Yeoh
    • 4.2 Kathreen Khavari
    • 4.3 Mark Vahradian

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month (AAPI) is an annual celebration that recognizes the historical and cultural contributions of individuals and groups of Asian and Pacific Islander descent to the United States. The AAPI umbrella term includes cultures from the entire Asian continent, including East, South…

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Jacob Proper95 Jacob Proper95 6 March 2023

Top 10 Transformers Crossovers We Would Love To See

10 sonic two franchises are very similar. Both of them have Starscream and shadow is off siders of the main villain, but shadow in the main sonic. The hedgehog universe is an antihero, but was adapted into villainy and sonic boom and was redeemed two times in sonic X star scream is a neutral evil Deceptacon, in animated, he is similar to the joker from Batman and a Buffyverse villain like a character. I kind of made up named cannibal, and. And in the anime continuity, he is portrayed it similar to shadow black Arachnia and rouge are both femme fatale‘s and silver bolt behaves a lot like a cross between the 60s Batman and superman but his personality is now serious and edgy in beast machines. Knuckles is much serious and much tough and her…

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Jakester95 Jakester95 6 March 2023

Top 10 Maximals

10 cheetor

9 silverbolt


7 rat trap 🐀

6 Dinobot

5 tigatron

4 airazor

3 Depth charge

2 black Arachnia

1 Optimus Primal

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Galvawave841 Galvawave841 2 March 2023


this is my first blog post. just don't expect me to post a lot.

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Vincent Ly Vincent Ly 24 January 2023

Similarities to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

  • Both are good guys.

  • Both are leaders.
  • Both are main protagonists.
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Vincent Ly Vincent Ly 24 January 2023

Similarities to G.I. Joe

  • Both are heroic forces in the world.

  • Both are main protagonists.
  • Both are Big Good.
  • Both are leaders of the forces.
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TheSickSteven TheSickSteven 30 May 2022

My Winx Club, Transformers CGI Crossover Idea

I've announced my Winx Club, Transformers CGI Crossover back in 2021. it will feature all our classic Winx Club Characters and Transformers including new characters. The autobots in the Crossover series will have iconic vehicle modes. The Winx will gain a ability where they have two Fairy Forms, that being their season 1 & 2 Charmix and Season 5 Sirenix form. The Series will last 10 seasons with all the 10 seasons will last 26 episodes, all 26 episodes will be 23 minutes long. There will be many references and easter eggs. i've planned on having Rainbow CGI partner with Rooster teeth, the company the made the Transformers Siege Netflix Cartoon. the autobots will have their TF Siege G1 Head designs on their TF Bumblebee movie body designs, …

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Moviejunkie2009 Moviejunkie2009 14 April 2022

New policies for communities outside of Fandom

Because of very malicious cases of impersonation and mass-banning by powerholders, it is now time for stricter policies in terms of rising to powers. As it is not always obvious whether accounts on different networks are by the same person, the only way to prevent impersonation and mass-banning by impersonators, is that everyone who aims to get powers on any community should link to all other accounts on relevant networks on his profiles across all networks. Only users who did that across all networks will get powers on any community. As with the Transformers Wiki server you can now rejoin it.

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1234561a 1234561a 17 March 2022

dino wars: transformers opening

here is the opening lyrics for dino wars: transformers

孤独に揺れてる Emotion



Just One Nation 刻んでる I.D.









誰にも譲れない Passion




未来を切り開く Action


この胸に抱いて To Be Free

Naked Body あの日確かに



Break Down そっと消したつもりの

過去から聴こえてる Music








明日は二度とない Session




いつでも迷わず Reaction


走り続けたい To Get My Dream

時が流れても きっと

この愛 確かな形にしたいから



誰にも譲れない Passion






この胸に抱いて To Be Free

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1234561a 1234561a 16 March 2022

Dino wars: transformers ships

here are the ships for my fanfic Dino wars: transformers green shadow x grass knuckles soar fare x nightcap citron x rose chompzilla x spudow and captain combustible x beta-carrotnia and optimus primal x megatron

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Purple666Girl Purple666Girl 2 February 2022

whatever it takes

  • 1 {chapter 1}
  • 2 {chapter 2}
  • 3 {Chapter 3}
  • 4 {chapter 4}
  • 5 {chapter 5}
  • 6 {chapter 6}
  • 7 {Chapter 7}
  • 8 {chapter 8}

Many of you know the story of Optimus and Elita but have you heard the story of the Prime family? the Prime family started out with just those two bots but then it all changed when the twins were born. the twins were named Lulu and Lucy. over time the Prime family continued to grow and grow and grow. the twins were as close as any two bots could be but one day they grew apart. Lulu became close to one of her sisters, shadlok. Lucy felt that she was fading away and that everyone forgot about her. she began to hate her twin.

Lucy: It's always Lulu this or Lulu that. what about me? it seems like no one remembers me.

Lulu smiled as she kept the family…

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Bruticus Maximus Bruticus Maximus 30 November 2021

TF.R.B 5 "It's back!"

So after realizing that @Mighty Grimlock reads my blog posts, I have decided to return for the time being. Yay. The current chapter I'm working on is Chapter 21, titled Psycho. By completer cooincidence I have a feeling Mighty Grimlock will really like this chapter. It's tease from the previous chapter is "Next Chapter: The Autobots gain a helping hand. The Combaticons show off a terrifying ability. Matt suffers the consequences" So I hope this was helpful.

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Shiny3Galvatron Shiny3Galvatron 15 November 2021


Hi, my name is Shiny and this is my story. For all of this to make sense I guess I will introduce u to my parents. This is Megatron and he is my dad. My other dad is Nemesis Prime. I was adopted by them was I was only three in bot years. At first I was not sure I was going to be happy. I was happy for a long time but then everything changed. I saw what my parents were doing and I was not sure I wanted to be like that. I had developed a special gift that my parents wanted to get their hands on. I could not let that happen so I ran away. I ran for so long that before I knew it, I was lost. I guess I must have blacked out because when I came to a figure was standing over me. The figure was yellow and black. I could tell right away that th…

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Joker1943 Joker1943 15 June 2021

How to make a successful Transformers film

  1. Make sure the actors have chemistry
  2. Make sure the film doesn't bore you
  3. Put the Autobot-Decepticon War as the main focus
  4. Make the Cybertronians distinguishable
  5. TRY to keep continuity
  6. Focus on more Autobots than just Optimus Prime and Bumblebee
  7. NO more racism
  8. Don't sexualize the women in the film
  9. Make the characters go through arcs and development
  10. Bring something new to the Transformers mythos again
  11. Keep Michael Bay FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR Away from the film.
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Grimmylock Grimmylock 24 March 2021

Pingu meets Jazz

One day, Pingu was walking around when he heard crazy music. Then he remembered it from Pingu Boogaloo. But then he saw it was coming from a car that was red, white, and blue. He thought it was supposed to be an American thingy, but then it transformed into a giant robot. Pingu ran back into his igloo and told his parents, who didn’t believe him and told him to eat his green beans. So he slurped them up with a straw, threw up a buncha times, and ran into the North Pole somehow. “That little thing sure is fast,” said the giant robot. Pingu was stranded at the North Pole for three years days, until that crazy giant robot (whose name was Jazz) came along on a steamboat (Tidal Wave) and picked Pingu up and carried him back to the South Pole. Pi…

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Joker1943 Joker1943 10 February 2021


More than meets the eye

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Bruticus Maximus Bruticus Maximus 27 January 2021

TF.R.B 4

This will be my last blog post. They're just kinda annoying and bothersome for me to go about them after I finish a chapter. So I'm done with them. I'm not sure when I will complete the final chapter. It's title will be New Divide. Yay goodbye forever.

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Bruticus Maximus Bruticus Maximus 16 January 2021

TF.R.B 3

Chapter 7: Killing Me Slowly, is out, I think it's fair to say that was the funnest chapter I've written so far. I introduced my favourite characters, who when I wrote their scenes was so fun. I am currently working on Chapter 8, which title will be Killing in the Name. So far it is going great, something will happen, it's a big chapter, not physically but there are some reveals. Character's that will feature in the chapter are as follows, Lugnut, Iron Hide, Bumblebee, Megatron, Starscream, Chris, and Stace. I plan to get it done over the weekend so stay tuned for Monday when I hope to publish it. Until next time enjoy reading this blog, that I'm almost positive no one reads. So I guess I write these for myself.

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Bruticus Maximus Bruticus Maximus 14 January 2021

TF.R.B 2.5

Just a quick update for the I assume zero people that follow this blog, that I just updated Requiem, this is not a new chapter, I am just adding onto Chapter 6: Dangerous. It is just adding scene that I forgot to add originally. Okay by.

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Bruticus Maximus Bruticus Maximus 14 January 2021

TF.R.B 2

So I am currently working on the seventh chapter of Transformers Requiem, its title will be Killing Me Slowly, it'll take a look at one of the character's pasts. I am introducing my favourite characters into the story here, they may or may not come back for future chapters. Those who know me well enough or just surface level, will know which characters they are. The chapter after this will be a big one in the story, and it will focus on a character's morality more than anything. Until further updates come you can read TF Requiem on Quotev I will be posting the link to it right here ---> Enjoy and by for now.

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Moviejunkie2009 Moviejunkie2009 31 December 2020

New Year's Eve 2020

2020 is ending soon. Because of COVID-19 it was a rather horrible year for the entire world. For this wiki it also wasn't the best year. Last year the merger between this one and Transformers Prime Wiki led to a resurgence of activity. This year we had to bid farewell to Vozhan, who also played a crucial role in last year's merger. Activity decreased a bit, subsequently. As well Cyberverse ended and there is not much left of Transformers in terms of series, mostly only the Netflix series and still Rescue Bots Academy, which is also going to end soon. In Terms of movies there are still plans for a Bumblebee sequel and also a film adaptation of the Beast Wars series. Perhaps there are better times on the horizon for next year. To celebrate t…

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Bruticus Maximus Bruticus Maximus 22 December 2020

Transformers Requiem Blog or TF.R.B

This is my first blog post. Yay! As some of you may know, I'm currently working on Transformers fan fiction, which I have called Transformers Requiem. Today I finished Chapter 4: Black Betty. In this chapter something happens, that puts a character where they don't want to be. I am hoping to finish Chapter 5: Kickstart my Heart by the end of this week, or at the very least before 2021 rolls around. Once I have completed Chapter 5 I intend to upload the five chapters onto my Quotev account (My Username is Combatron66, but my Display Name is Bruticus Maximus). You should be able to find them on the book called Transformers Requiem (obviously) but in case you weren't paying attention before, I'll say it again, TRANSFORMERS REQUIEM. You got it…

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SideswipeDOTM2009 SideswipeDOTM2009 18 December 2020

Life of sideswipe if I was in all the transformer movies

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Pranco Lambo Pranco Lambo 30 September 2020

Favorite characters and why

Hey everyone, this is probably a common question, but I'll ask it anyway: which character from Transformers Prime is your favorite, and why? What about them do you appreciate the most? I'm interested to see what people think.

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My upcoming fanfic..

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Heeeeeeeeeeee Heeeeeeeeeeee 1 June 2020

Hi who has a blog post

Can anyone tell me did they have a new blog post?and happy 15th anniversary to the Transformers Wiki!😄😄😄

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TD616 TD616 30 May 2020

Igor (Fanon)

Igor is a fiercely loyal Decepticon, created by Scalpel, who lives in Megatron's scrap yard based refugee camp in Africa, where he happily cheers for his master, cause of it's defected spark.

Before it's transformation, Igor was originally a clone of fellow constructicon, Long Haul. In 2009, he was sent to Egypt to find Sam Witwicky. During is search, he also have to shot down NEST soldiers in is way. But during Operation Firestorm, the Long Haul clone was shot and badly damaged by a missle. He survived, but he will soon die from is wounds. But thankfully, the Medic decepticon Scalpel, happen to goes by. The Insect spotted, the wounded decepticon, try to fix him by removing is head, and attached is spark on is back to keep him alive. After be…

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Moviejunkie2009 Moviejunkie2009 26 May 2020

Transformers Wiki celebrates 15 years

Today fifteen years ago, this wiki was founded by Nova81426. Since then this wiki has had a checkered history of activity, decline and resurgence of activity. The years 2005 to 2008 were most likely this wiki's prime. After that the wiki (under TX55) struggled because of the fork, which was created by former admins of this wiki. In 2015 Reunthal and Lelouch Di Britannia became bureaucrats, only to be followed by me and FortressMaximus in 2017. Last year finally, this wiki's activity increased as a result of the merger between us and Transformers Prime Wiki, with former admins of the latter wiki (Vozhan, Combatbot2015 and Firefox20z) joining the administrative board of this one. As of today we have 59 active editors and are ranked #397 on t…

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PsychicFriendFredBear24 PsychicFriendFredBear24 22 May 2020

Spinister come back

Could Spinister make a come back In future Transformers

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Skaar the Savage Skaar the Savage 24 February 2020

Transformers Prime:If you where a Predacon what would you calll yourself

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Moviejunkie2009 Moviejunkie2009 31 December 2019

New Year's Eve 2019

2019 is drawing to an end and with this also an entire decade. This year saw a resurgence of activity, thanks to our ongoing merger with Transformers Prime Wiki. At the end of the 2000s it looked rather bad for this wiki, as the fork happened just a year ago at that time. For the next decade we hope for a further resurgence of activity, in particular after the merger has been completed. To celebrate the last night of this decade, there will be a stream featuring the Transformers: Robots in Disguise app at 11:30 PM (UTC).

Happy New Year 2020!

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Bronlyz Bronlyz 18 December 2019


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Blue Billows Blue Billows 8 June 2019

im new

You can call me blue. you can find me in Monstercat Wiki; Transformers Wiki Sonic The Hedgehog Wiki My Little Pony Wiki Mario Wiki Rocket League Wiki and this is my blog

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