Block Town was an exceptionally short-lived Takara line following the Japanese release of Generation 2. The line combined Transformers toys with Takara's Dia-Block building-block line (compatible with—and competing with—Lego blocks), giving the Transformers small bases that could be rebuilt into battle stations.

Though many sets were proposed and there were several exceptionally large displays to promote the line, ultimately, only four small candy toy kits were released at 380 yen a piece (roughly $3.50 US at the time); individually-packaged members of the Micromaster Rescue Patrol with small garage-style bases. The Transformers toys themselves did not appear to have any notable changes from their Generation One incarnations.


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Oh, what could have been...

Interestingly enough, the better-known Block Town sets are the ones that were never released. Six sets, redecoes of 3/4ths of the Axelerators and Skyscorchers (all as Autobots) were displayed at a Japanese toy show.

  • TFBT-1 Radar Set (with Afterburner redeco)
  • TFBT-2 Control Set/Control Tower Set (with Terradive redeco)
  • TFBT-3 Airport Building Set (with Windrazor redeco)
  • TFBT-4 Gasoline Station Set (with Rapido redeco)
  • TFBT-5 Garage Set (with Carzap, a Windbreaker redeco)
  • TFBT-6 Signal/Traffic Lights Set (with Turbofire redeco)

Since the Axelerators and Skyscorchers are gang-molded, it is possible that two more sets were in the works using the last two members of those teams. If that were the case, Skram would have been red with white robot parts, while Eagle Eye would have been a lighter shade of green with blue parts.

The Takara Transformers Generations book shows packaging for the Garage set within one of its "unreleased items" sub-sections. This shot reveals that the robot packed in would have been named "Carzap". It is currently unknown what the names of the other five sets' robots were going to be, and if they too would also be alterations of the molds' European names (Windbreaker was simply "Zap" in the European market).



In March 2005, a supposed Takara upcoming product list was leaked, which included the Block Town sets. However, the sets didn't see release then either, nor did some of the other items on the list.

Hasbro would much later revisit the combination of Transformers and building blocks with their Built to Rule line, with only marginally more success... in that Built to Rule even made it to stores and lasted a while.

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