Blitz is a Mini-Con from the Energon portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.
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Blitz is one of the many energy-enhancing Mini-Cons who assist the Autobots in searching out deposits of raw Energon ore and protecting them from the Decepticons.



  • Blitz (Micron Booster, 2004)
    • Booster ID number: 6
Blitz uses the Air Military Mini-Con Team Terradive mold, transforming into an aircraft similar to the Cobra Night Raven S3P recon stealthjet (which is based off the Lockheed SR-71 spyplane). He also has a third three-bladed claw mode. He was available only as part of the third Micron Booster assortment, in a blind-packed, single-toy box.
He uses the same mold as Falcia, Mugen and Shockwave.



Blitz's proto coloration (right).

  • Early promotional images of the set showed Blitz in a different color scheme than what was eventually produced; with yellow parts instead of the final version's orange. This would seem to match up with Seeker's yellow limbs in the promo image, due to the gang-molding method of producing a Mini-Con Team.

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