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The Blendtrons are a race of Transformers from Beast Wars.
Blendtron symbol

Ia! Ia! Unicron fthagn!

The Blendtrons are freakish Transformers created by the evil Unicron. They are ridiculously powerful; able to take down the likes of Big Convoy and Magmatron with little effort.

The Blendtrons consist of:

Japanese name: Blentron


Beast Wars Neo cartoon[]

After the destruction of Unicron in 2005, his lifeforce raced through time and space where it riddled itself into Gaea and became known as Angolmois energy. After a botched attempt by Galvatron to steal all the Angolmois, the energy was sealed into capsules and scattered across the galaxy.

Big Convoy, leader of the Maximal new recruits, and Magmatron, the Predacon Emperor of Destruction, raced across the galaxy collecting the Angolmois capsules. Eventually, after numerous rascally hijinks, the two factions recovered all the capsules.

Then the Blendtrons came out of nowhere and beat the ever living CRAP out of both teams and stole the capsules. The Blendtrons, absurdly powerful and able to bend time and space at their leisure, had no trouble stealing all the capsules and trapping the Maximals and Magmatron in a wormhole, leaving the Predacons to bicker over leadership. Mysterious Beast Warriors!? The Stolen Capsules

As it turns out, the Blendtrons were created by Unicron. Loyal to their god, they released all the Angolmois into the corpse of Galvatron, reviving Unicron. Unicron then absorbed the last remaining bit of loose Angolmois, and the Blendtrons themselves. That's what you get for worshiping a god who wants to eat the universe! Unicron Revived!?

IDW Beast Wars comics[]

After his defeat while attempting to devour Cybertron, Unicron slowly gathered his consciousness. Unable to physically intervene without a body, he anointed agents within the Cybertronian population to do his bidding. In the Beast Era he chose a pit-fighter, a construction bot, and a cultist to be reborn as the Blendtrons.

Prior to the return of Megatron to conquer the planet, Unicron directed the Blendtrons to the rising star of the warlord Shokaract, who had been exposed to Angolmois during a Predacon survey mission and remade himself into a titanic warrior. The Blendtrons (in pre-beast robotic/Cybertronian forms) gathered capsules of the potent energy and used it to facilitate the warlord's "ascension," which was in fact the rebirth of the Chaos-Bringer himself. This led to the devastation of Cybertron. Bummer. Magmatron's astral self, able to traverse time and space but not affect it, witnessed this horrible event many times and hoped to somehow stop it. The Ascending issue 1 Magmatron allowed a message from the Earth-bound Maximals to get through to present-day Cybertron and Lio Convoy led a team to Earth. When Unicron got wind that his plans might be in jeopardy, he had Shokaract send the Blendtrons (now in their beast modes) to Earth. Rartorata injected Razorbeast with Angolmois, turning him mad. The Ascending issue 2 A combined Maximal-Predacon force eventually destroyed the Blendtrons. The Ascending issue 4


  • The Blendtrons are heavily influenced by Lovecraftian mythology. They are a cult of grotesque freaks of nature who are capable of bending reality itself and are determined to resurrect a primordial God. Read "The Call of Cthulhu" one of these days; you'll catch the similarities.
  • The Blendtron insignia has been taken up by many fans as being the Mark of Unicron, a so-called common faction sigil for the Heralds of Unicron. It was used to represent Unicron in the Ark Compendium, and appeared on the Kiss Players Sparkbots when their true allegiance is revealed. Custom sticker makers like Reprolabels have designed rub symbols and faction stickers using for various figures using this glyph.