Blaze Master is an Autobot Micromaster from the Generation One continuity family.

Give me that last jar of JaAm...

Blaze Master is kind of a sicko. He can release a deadly spray of napalm-like acid that simultaneously melts and burns any metals it hits. He's especially fond of dropping this on Decepticon troops only after they've noticed he's hovering overhead. Then he chuckles as he watches them die painfully. This makes the rest of the Air Patrol kinda nervous.

Note: In Japan, the individual Micromasters received little to no individual characterization, being portrayed on the whole as largely childlike.

French name (Canada): Brasero
Japanese name: Breeze Master


Dreamwave comics continuity

When the newly created Micromasters first took up sides in the Cybertronian Wars, Blaze Master chose to join the Decepticons. Working alongside Barricade and his Race Track Patrol, he attacked the Autobot Micromasters when they attempted to rescue the damaged Wrecker named Roadbuster. Destined for Nothing Rumor had it, though, that he was discontent with the Decepticon way of doing things. Powertrain and Highjump were discussing how to bring Blaze Master over to the Autobot side later that night in Little Iacon. The Gray Race When Venom and his Decepticons took over and occupied the area, they demanded the Micros turn against each other on that formerly neutral turf. At that point, Blaze Master had definitely had enough: he tossed aside his allegiance and told the Decepticon guzzlers to slag off. Venom then had Barrage shoot down the Micromaster. The Autobot Fixit was seen caring for the fallen Blaze Master after that. Recipe for Hate After Venom and his men took the Autobot Micromasters into custody back at Decepticon headquarters, Big Daddy and the Hot Rod Patrol broke them out soon after. Blaze Master got his revenge on Venom, stabbed the larger robot through the torso with his energo-rotors. Victims of the Revolution

IDW comics continuity

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Blaze Master was one of the legions of Dead Universe Micromasters who pursued Hardhead and Nightbeat on Gorlam Prime. Spotlight: Hardhead



...Or I'll use my arm thingy to hurt you!

Generation One

  • Air Patrol (Micromaster Patrol, 1990)
Blaze Master transforms into a Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter. His rotor blades can detach and be mounted as a melee weapon on his robot-mode arm. He was only available as part of the Air Patrol set with his teammates Eagle Eye, Sky High and Tread Bolt.


  • Sky Patrol Team (Micro Transformer team, 1990)
    • Japanese ID number: C-352
The Air Patrol was released a year later as part of Takara's Zone series with no notable changes from the Hasbro release.


  • Most — if not all — of the toys pictured in the 1990 Hasbro Transformers catalog are unfinished prototypes or mock-ups, and a variety of differences from the final product are apparent. In Blaze Master's case, there are some minuscule sculpting differences, and the complete lack of robot-mode paint applications.

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