Blaze is an Autobot from the Generation 2 portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Nice Laser Rod. Pity if something happened to it.

Blaze is an oddity in the Autobot ranks; a hit man. He's a perfectionist who is always out to better his last job. An engineer back on Cybertron, he's found a new lease on life by targeting and blowing up Decepticon installations. He loves this job.


Marvel UK Generation 2 comics

Blaze (as seen in the image above) is shown facing off against Jolt in a gatefold poster from the first issue. But that's it. And his colors were even backwards, being based on his fellow G2 Sparkabot Sizzle. Gee.

Marvel UK Generation 2 Annual


So how many contradictory designs am I going to have?

(Note: In this story, Blaze has not only Sizzle's coloration but his entire robot mode. His vehicle mode is still his own, albeit in Sizzle's colors.)

In an apparently alternate continuity in which Generation One never happened, Blaze accompanied Jazz and Optimus Prime to the Brazilian rainforest to investigate a Transformer energy signature. The source of the readings turned out to be two terrifying robot dinosaurs!. The Decepticons took advantage of the Autobots' surprise, leaving Blaze the last Autobot standing; he tried to take Megatron down himself, but was swatted aside. Fortunately, the creatures revealed themselves to be the Autobots Grimlock and Snarl, awakened for the first time since the age of the dinosaurs. The two Dinobots quickly drove off the attacking Decepticons, saving Blaze and his helpless friends. When Grimlock decided that he and Snarl would stay behind and search for their fellow Dinobots, Blaze chastised him for not joining the fight against the Decepticons.


Generation 2

  • Blaze (Sparkabot, 1993)
A redeco of the Sparkabot Fizzle, Blaze transforms into an offroad Baja buggy. By pushing him forward in car mode, "cold" sparks shoot from his back end thanks to a friction-motor that also propels him forward.
Blaze's card art shows his Sparkabot partner Sizzle, while Sizzle's card depicts Blaze. It is therefore arguable which G2 Sparkabot is which, though it can be reasonably assumed that the redeco of G1 Sizzle is still Sizzle. The switch led to all sorts of trouble, as the G2 Sparkabots have never appeared in fiction in their proper colors.
This mold was also used to make Wildspark. The toy was available only in the European market.


  • The confusion between Blaze and Sizzle carries on a tradition started in Generation One by Sizzle and his teammate Fizzle. Sizzle and Fizzle used each other's color schemes in the UK comics, but only in robot mode. Oy.

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