Blaster City was a pre-war Cybertronian city. Together with a good portion of the Badlands, it was part of the district under control of High Councilor Halogen. Part of a lower class industrial region that also included Kaon and Slaughter City, Blaster City was an important source of munitions for Cybertron's High Council. It was said that "sparks are cheap in Blaster City," and if someone blew a good portion of the place up, few would even bother to count the dead.


Transformers: Exodus

Someone blew a good portion of the place up, and no one was bothered to count the dead. A terrorist bomb from forces inspired by the upstart gladiator Megatron blew up a gigantic armaments factory in a blast so big it blinded observers on the Moon Bases.


  • Blaster City is notable for being pretty much the only location on Cybertron invented for Exodus—all the other cities are pre-established Cybertronian locales from various continuities.
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