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The Decepticons hijack Earth's airwaves. Yet somehow, you are still able to watch this episode.

Japanese title: "Broadcast Blues"

Detailed synopsis

Did Spike and Carly take an Autobot on all of their dates?

Spike and Carly are at a rock concert, having taken Blaster along for the music. Enjoying the concert, Spike wishes that the rest of the Autobots could hear the music, so Blaster begins transmitting to all of them. Off in space, Cosmos gets a real kick out of the music.

At the Autobot base, Optimus Prime and Sparkplug are observing Omega Supreme's target practice on Teletraan I, when Blaster's music from the concert begins playing on their channel. Sparkplug and most of the Autobots are not enjoying the overwhelming volume, but Jazz gets the chance to show off his dancing skills.

At the Helix Observatory, a human scientist introduces his new creation, the voltronic galaxer, to his fellow scientists. The device is intended to translate Earth's recordings into other languages and broadcast them into space, in search of intelligent life. Seemingly the transformers don't count. During his first test of the device, the scientist is quite surprised when he gets a response...which turns to horror when he sees it's the Decepticons. Starscream, as he is oft wont to do, begins firing randomly, but Megatron orders him to stop, saying that they need the voltronic galaxer.


At the Autobot base, Optimus Prime is so annoyed by the music that he outright tells Blaster to "shut up," but to no avail. Only a distress call from the scientist finally gets Blaster to stop. After the Autobots arrive at the observatory, they find that the Decepticons have already fled with their prize. Optimus Prime vows to find it and bring the voltronic galaxer back.

Splitting up into groups, the Autobots begin the search. Powerglide, Spike and Carly have already searched half the hemisphere, while Cosmos and Blaster are searching outer space. They locate the Decepticons on the Moon, where Megatron is plotting to take control of Earth's radio airwaves. Blaster and Cosmos are caught, however, before they can contact the Autobots. Blaster is forced into use as a transcrambler, while Cosmos powers the device. Megatron orders the Seekers to return to Earth as the radio blackout commences.

Prime's day job

On Earth, the communications blackout is scrambling even the Autobots' radio channels. Red Alert and Inferno barely manage to stop a forest fire, while Prowl, Ratchet, Hoist, and Trailbreaker free motorists trapped on a frozen highway, where Dirge and Ramjet attack.

At an airport, Powerglide is attempting to land, when Starscream and Thundercracker attack, damaging both Powerglide and Optimus Prime. Spike manages to strap a jet pack onto Powerglide, giving him some extra boost. As Megatron begins broadcasting his demands to Earth, Blaster plays music from the concert on the same channel. Carly recognizes the tunes and manages to track the transmission back to the Moon. They head for the Autobot base. Carly does some quick repairs on Optimus then the two teens and Powerglide load Prime onto Omega, who takes them to space.

I'm not paid enough to carry this around.

Once Omega lands on the Moon, Megatron and Astrotrain attack him. Omega manages to get his hand on Megatron, but Astrotrain rams Omega in train mode, causing him to release Megatron. Astrotrain then flees and Omega transforms into rocket mode and follows. Seeing Optimus Prime defenseless, Megatron decides to hit him while he's down, only for the Autobot leader to reactivate just in time to defend himself.

One shall stand and one shall... oh, you know the drill.

With no one to guard them, Blaster and Cosmos cause the voltronic galaxer to receive feedback and explode. Seeing his latest EI/AD ruined, Megatron retreats. After freeing them, Blaster mentions that he could rebuild the Decepticon moon base into a new Autobot base. Cosmos likes the idea, as it would give him some company. Optimus agrees, but orders him to keep an eye on his volume.

Soon, however, Blaster is back to transmitting loud rock music over the air waves again. Some stereos never learn.


Autobots Decepticons Humans

  • Carly
  • Spike
  • Sparkplug
  • Haley
  • Air Traffic Controllers
  • Pilot
  • Railroad Workers
  • Motorist
  • Meteorologist


Original airdate: October 23, 1985

Written by: Larry Strauss


Optimus: My audio receptors! What is that blasted noise?!
Hoist: Humans call this music.
Sparkplug: Not this human!
Jazz: Sounds all right to me.

—Sparkplug and the Autobots share their opinions on Blaster's choice in music.

"The Earth is but a speck on the arm of the universe."

Human scientist bolstering his race's importance in the cosmos.

"Blaster! Decrease volume! ... Blaster! SHUT UP!"

Optimus Prime in another fine example of subordinate management.

Ironhide: "Where did that call originate?"
Optimus: "I don't know! All I can hear is that BLASTED BLASTER!!"

Peter Cullen's annoyance at Blaster's loud music.

"Hey, talk about no place. I can't even get a bottom 40 station out here."

Blaster doesn't enjoy outer space duty inside Cosmos.

"It's Blaster!"
"Why that son of an 8-track."

Ratchet and Trailbreaker

"Release Autobots, Megatron!"
"Reeeelease them!"

Omega Supreme adds some "hands on" pressure to dealing with Megatron

"Looks like the big boy could use a little training!"

Astrotrain, proving the pun is indeed mightier than the sword. Unfortunately, it's not as mighty as Omega Supreme.

"Parting is such sweet sorrow."

Megatron, preparing to kill a defenseless Optimus Prime with a Shakespeare quote.


Animation and/or technical glitches

  • In one shot, Blaster is huge compared to Cosmos, yet he has no trouble fitting inside of him in either mode.
  • When Spike cheers on Omega Supreme, both his lips and Carly's are moving.
  • When Astrotrain rams Omega Supreme's leg, Omega freezes for two seconds, then drops Megatron.
  • When Spike yells "Give it to him!", he's black.

Continuity errors

  • In one DVD version at the end of the episode, Prime yells at Blaster at the end for his loud music but the music sound effect is missing, so Prime yells at Blaster for no apparent reason.

Transformers references

Last one out of the parking lot gets stuck with the check.

  • During the scene at the observatory, Optimus transforms and drives away, and there is an extended moment where his trailer drives off after him to catch up.
  • The joy of size changing: Blaster rides inside Cosmos to the moon, and in the next scene Cosmos and Blaster are side by side and Blaster is almost twice as tall as Cosmos.

Real-world references

  • References

Miscellaneous trivia

  • Jazz has righteous moves, but they are limited by his bulky body.
  • Omega Supreme actually uses whole sentences in this episode. That's just crazy.
  • The depicted activities of any Transformer on the Moon do not bear any resemblance to the movements of creatures under gravity one-sixth that of Earth's own.
  • Not relevant to the episode but interesting to consider is the absence of the World Wide Web, compared to the loss of radio. In modern times, the human race would be about as dependent on the internet, if not more so.
  • The music the band is playing sounds a lot like Jazz's when he uses his speakers.


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