This article is about the Beast Machines Vehicon. For the Decepticon-allied Mini-Con, see Blastcharge (Cybertron).

Blastcharge is a Vehicon from the Beast Machines portion of the Generation One continuity family.

"Truckery keeps the ritz sharp."

Blastcharge is big, strong and dumb. Really dumb. Regardless, of all the Vehicon Generals, his strength is second only to Tankor, so while he may be dumb, he's huge and has big missiles. Which he sometimes uses as cudgels. Aheh.

You can occasionally find him parroting Megatron. Blastcharge figures that if Megatron's a genius, then he must say genius things, and so if Blastcharge says those same things, then maybe Blastcharge will be a genius too?

Remember, dumb. But an "A" for effort.

Pre-release name: Blastrax


Blastcharge wreckers

Blastcharge can't actually count to ten, but he thinks it sounds cool

Universe: The Wreckers

With the emergence of the Wreckers, Mutants, and Dinobots on Vehicon-controlled Cybertron, Megatron needed more generals to counter the insurgents. From his vast collection he picked the sparks of Blastcharge and Quake, who served Megatron's namesake well, and put them in new Vehicon bodies and gave them experimental drones to command.

Blastcharge and Quake were sent first underground, to track down a group of Wreckers. The Vehicon Generals tracked the Wreckers to the underground lair of Arcee. They missed the main group, but Fractyl was still there. The trip wasn't a complete waste -- Blastcharge was able to fit a little target practice into his busy schedule, blowing a large hole in Fractyl's chest with a long-range plasma ultrarocket from a few feet away. Blastcharge is unfamiliar with the meaning of the word "overkill". It's one of several words he's unfamiliar with the meanings of.

Megatron had sent Spy Streak, Mirage, and Scavenger drones, as well as drones that resembled Blastcharge and Quake, to guard an old Autobot shuttle from the Wreckers, who wished to use it to get offworld. Blastcharge and Quake arrived late to the battle, as the tide was already turning in the Vehicons' favor. They should have stayed home. Quake was vaporized by the Vok-powered Tigatron, and as Blastcharge ranted impotently at the departing shuttle, Fractyl showed up in his shiny new body to pay Blastcharge back, slicing him neatly in half right down the middle.


Blastcharge (in his Universe coloration) is a member of the Axiom Nexus Security Administration. He was part of the group investigating the discovery of Comet's body. Withered Hope


Beast Machines


Michelin Man

  • Blastcharge (Deluxe, 2000)
    • Accessories: 3 missiles
Blastcharge is a tan, red and silver Cybertronic six-wheeled armored vehicle with a rotating turret. This turret stores three missiles, but only the middle missile can be fired with the spring-loaded mechanism. His other spring-loaded gimmick is that the front portion of his vehicle mode can spring forward and turn independently of the rear portion.


  • Blastcharge (Deluxe, 2005)
    • Accessories: 3 missiles
The Beast Machines mold was used for Universe, redecoed in black, silver and purples. It is unknown whether the two toys represent the same character, or even alternate-universe incarnations of the same character.

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