Catilla is an Autobot from the Generation 1 continuity family.

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A silent, patient hunter, Catilla will vigilantly watch enemy activity for hours without making a single sound or movement. When he does move, it’s in a flurry of activity that almost always ends in his target’s destruction, a task he takes great pleasure in fulfilling.

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French-Canadian name: Chatou
Italian name: Zanna


Marvel Comics continuity

(Note: Events from the UK comics are in italics.)

Catilla was assigned to work for the Mayhem Attack Squad, the Decepticons elite strike team counteracting the Autobot Wreckers. His first mission? Team up with the Wreckers. Granted, it was to battle Galvatron for the fate of four worlds, and they still had orders to kill any surviving Wreckers at the end, but still...Alanis would agree, that's ironic.

After Galvatron and his allies massacred their way through the Mayhems, only Catilla, Snarler and their commander Carnivac were left alive. Their ship destroyed, the Mayhems found themselves deliberately cut off from their superiors on Cybertron, who apparently saw the Time Wars as an embarrassment to be swept aside and ignored, along with the Mayhems. Even Scorponok of Earth was apparently unwilling to take them into the fold. He did, however, offer to refuel them and outfitted the three with Pretender shells in exchange for a "little job". While Carnivac and Snarler made an assassination attempt on Fortress Maximus's human half, Catilla stood watch on surveillance in case any reinforcements came running. Still, he somehow missed the orbital planetfall and arrival of Fortress Maximus himself, and the Decepticon trio were sent packing.

Carnivac owed the Wrecker commander Springer a warrior's debt from the Time Wars and, seeing as how both groups were on the outs with their respective armies, approached the remaining Wreckers with an offer to pool resources. Catilla got a kick out of the idea, but Snarler was ready to brand them traitors for even considering the idea. Once Carnivac and Catilla committed themselves to the alliance by charging in to rescue Springer's group in battle, Snarler stalked off, bitterly planning to return with an execution squad. As the dust settled, a new group formed out of the Wreckers and Mayhems known as the Survivors, and Springer even offered to make the two Pretenders honorary Autobots. Carnivac wished to remain a Decepticon, but Catilla jumped at the opportunity.

Things weren't smooth sailing from then on, though. Catilla eased into the role of human-saving do-gooding Autobot rather well, but Carnivac was having trouble letting go of his warrior's past. After a fight with Springer, he stormed off and ended up in a six-against-one fight with the new Mayhem Attack Squad, led by Snarler execute the traitors. Springer let his recent fight with Carnivac cloud his judgement, but while he was dragging his feet, Catilla charged ahead to rescue his fellow ex-Decepticon with or without the Survivor's help. He reached the site of the battle just in time to stop Spinister from gunning down Carnivac, but ended up taking Bludgeon's sword to the chest. As the Survivors finally arrived to chase away the Mayhems, Carnivac held Catilla's body as he died, and vowed revenge on Snarler and the Mayhem Attack Squad.

Dreamwave Comics continuity

In one of the extras in the Dark Ages TPB, Catilla is depicted as a member of Ratbat's evil Ultracon faction. Presumably this was done in homage to his Decepticon ties from Marvel, but it's notable that he's listed on a different faction than his partners, Carnivac and Snarler.


Generation 1

  • Catilla (Pretender Beast, 1988)
Catilla toy

He-Man keeps trying to use him as a taxi.

Catilla transforms into a mechanical tiger. His outer Pretender Shell –which can contain his robot form- resembles a yellow organic saber-toothed tiger with red and silver robotic armor. He is armed with a large grey laser rifle that can be mounted on the top of his mechanical tiger form.

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