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"I only destroy Autobots by choice, not by command."
―Blast Off

Blast Off may seem disgusted by those who cannot escape the atmosphere and reach the orbit on their own ability, but it's really a front to hide the loneliness when he's up there. He is also a bit of a speed demon, and is a bit reckless about it. Combining with the other Combaticons, they can form Bruticus.


Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark

When Shockwave successfully recovered the Dark Spark from the Autobots and then went missing, the Combaticons were sent to find him. Vortex found him first, along with a new recruit. Swindle was given the job of escorting Shockwave to safety at Kaon while the other Combaticons ran interference. Unfortunately, the Autobots launched a full-scale assault on the Gates of Kaon that included artillery. Blast Off offered to take the Dark Spark and fly it in, but Shockwave pointed out that if he were to drop the Dark Spark, it would do tremendous damage to Kaon. Agreeing with this assessment, Onslaught took charge of the defense. During the battle, Swindle called on Blast Off for air support on three occasions, but on the first was rebuffed because Blast Off was afraid of damaging his chrome. Swindle destroyed the artillery that was preventing Blast Off's approach and again requested air support, but Blast Off took offense to his tone and demanded that the request be made politely, as he "destroys Autobots by choice, not command." He changed his tune once Shockwave ordered an immediate air strike, and successfully cleared a path. Seeing a Titan barring their way, Swindle once again called on Blast Off, even referring to him as 'favourite brother of mine', but Blast Off was still several nanokliks away. He and Vortex rejoined the other Combaticons just as the Autobots began a full push that included several Titans, but the Combaticons quickly combined into Bruticus and lay waste to their forces.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

When the Autobots came into possession of a large amount of energon, Starscream tasked the Combaticons with diverting the transport by destroying a bridge. Vortex and Blast Off were sent to clear a short cut to allow Brawl to take a drop ship through. Blast Off went through first, drawing out Autobot mines for Vortex to destroy. Once they got through the ruins, the Autobots closed some huge shutters, so Blast Off went ahead, leaving Vortex behind to fight all the Autobots by himself. Once the bridge was down and Swindle brought the transport to a halt, the Combaticons combined into Bruticus and smashed through the rest of its defenses. Unfortunately the damage they did resulted in the transport crashing. Starscream was not very pleased at all and had them all arrested. Blast Off and the Combaticons were later freed once Megatron was resurrected and retook his leadership. They were aboard the Nemesis as it pursued the Ark and Blast Off took part in the assault on the Autobot ship's engines as part of Bruticus. The giant took out many Autobots before he was taken down by the combined efforts of Jazz and the Aerialbots before floating free of the Ark.

Rage of the Dinobots

Blast Off was seen leading the Decepticon attack on an Autobot starport, attempting to stop the Autobots from leaving the planet but was held off by the Dinobots. Then Grimlock impaled him with his energon sword from behind and left him to die in agony.



San-Diego Comic-Con

This Blast Off is in his game accurate color scheme, witch is brown with purple highlights. Not only can he form the right arm of Bruticus, but he can also form the left arm, or the right or left leg. However, only his main limb mode (the right arm) is in the instructions. Many fans complain that the fact his arm mode is a bit gorilla like.

Transformers: Generations

This Blast Off is redeco of the SDCC version replacing the game accurate colors with colors resembling Bruticus Maximus from the Transformers: Energon series. This mold would later be redcolored into Topspin.