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The name or term Blades refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Blades (disambiguation).

Blades is an Autobot from the Rescue Bots continuity.


If the Lion from the Wizard of Oz had a Cybertronian cousin, Blades would be it. This Rescue Bot is afraid of everything and anything - including heights. Which of course causes his partner, Dani, to yell at the poor bot, and show him how to fly. Although one could swear that Blades is afraid of his own shadow, the one thing Blades isn't afraid to do is lay his life on the line to his job: Rescuing those who need it. Blades will even brave gale-force winds, dense fog, and even flying through a wind farm just to do his job (with some encouragement along the way from his pilot friend). Another job this vocal bot is a professional at is worrying. No matter how young, old, grumpy, or soft-spoken you are, you can count on Blades to worry about you if you don't call in every half hour to report your status. He might think you're dead or something.

Blades loves to immerse himself in the many movies he can stream via the Burns's satellite. Many speculate most of his fears stem from watching too many horror and mystery films. Despite all the things Blades is afraid of - he's a cheerful mech and knows the perfect moment to make a lighthearted quip to lift any foul moods that may have fallen over his fellow Rescue Bots, or human companions.

Blades function is Copter-Bot. He is partnered with Dani Burns


Rescue Bots Cartoon

Voice actor: Parvesh Cheena


  • Blades (2012)
Blades transforms into a futuristic, orange and white rescue helicopter.

You will be whole again. I promise.
I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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