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Blades is a flight-capable Autobot and a member of the Rescue Force Sigma-17 . He transforms into an orange helicopter. While emotional and easily frightened, he enjoys taking part in Earth events and customs. He is scared of heights. He is partnered with Dani Burns. Despite a rocky beginning, the two became very good friends.


Transformers: Rescue Bots



Blades is a Cybertronian and is able to assume multiple forms. In the series, he has three modes: robot, helicopter, and dinosaur, while in the toyline, he has a fourth jet/plane mode as well. He can communicate in any form.

In his humanoid robot mode, he is armed with a grappling hook and line. He has been shown to utilize an Energon version of this, as well as other Energon tools.

In helicopter mode, he can fly as well as hover and use his hook to lift heavy objects or rescue people. His helicopter mode has also been modified to accommodate a scoop claw, though that gave his robot mode the appearance of being overweight. Initially hesitant, he is able to overcome his fear of flying and become a competent flyer.

In his toy only jet mode, he presumably can reach higher speeds and much higher altitudes than his helicopter mode. However, it would lack the hover capabilities of said mode, and transitioning between the two could be problematic.

In dinosaur mode, he can fly and fire some kind of energy beam from his mouth. His bad experiences with dinosaurs as well as his remaining fear of flying made it difficult for him to attain this form.


  • Blades quickly became - and still is - a fan of video games, internet and TV. This has a downside, though; Heatwave wryly jokes about having to check the base for monsters after Blades watched too many scary movies.
  • He is the official mascot for the Griffin Rock Lad Pioneers (the equivalent of Boy Scouts). In later episodes he earns badges as a Lad Pioneer himself and road-tests a hologram disguise to look like a human lad.
  • He is a really passionate fan of Bumblebee.


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